Sunday, 25 September 2016

Results with Lucy #1

Anyone that has known me a long time, will know that my weight is an ongoing battle. I am a serial 'yo-yo' dieter and struggle to stick to a plan long enough to see a big difference. 

While scrolling through Instagram, I recently came across an account called, 'Results with Lucy'. The account is jam-packed with so many amazing weight loss journeys including inspiring result pictures. After a short time of following the page, I discovered that 'Results with Lucy' is actually a healthy living plan, featuring meal plans, workouts, and lifestyle tips. I was immediately intrigued, so when I found out that Results with Lucy were looking to work with bloggers, I jumped at the chance to give one of their plans a try. After speaking with Danielle at Results With Lucy, I decided to opt with the 'New Beginnings' plan which is perfect for people looking to kick start a new lifestyle. 

The plan is a total of 14 weeks with 4 workouts a week and a daily meal plan. In a few weeks, I am going to be posting an update about how I am getting on with the plan so far. Till then, I leave you with these rather unflattering before photos, how I hope this will be the last I see of my body in this sort of shape. I don't feel confident enough to post my measurements or weight at the moment, but I will, of course, be revealing in my next post any changes. I've been doing the plan a few weeks now, but I am going to keep quiet about how I am fairing at the moment, stay tuned to hear more about my journey.

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