Tuesday, 2 February 2016

January On Instagram

| In a blog post, I reflected on my graduation | My family and I took a walk through the countryside | I missed Brighton, and I missed the sea | My first OOTD style Instagram pic | Sweet memories of Paris | My Winter Beauty Essentials | My Current Book of choice | Mid-walk selfie | Florence felt like a lifetime ago | My go-to perfume | Finally having creepers back in my life | Lazy days and messy hair | My new favourite moisturiser, ie. every lazy girl's dream | I made homemade granola and it was amazing | I worked really hard on blogging | I missed Paris some more |

Did anyone else feel like January dragged on forever, but at the same time, can't believe we are already into February? January was a strange month for me, I left my job after the rush of Christmas and New Year was over, I went away to Shropshire with my family and I began the daunting task of deciding the next step in my life. 

I'm trying to up my Instagram game at the moment, although sticking to a theme is proving incredibly difficult, how do people do it? Nonetheless, if you would like to see more posts from me, here is a link to my Instagram and be sure to leave your usernames below.



  1. January was a very unpleasant month for me tbh. I'm glad to see the back end of it despite Feb hitting us in the face so quick! Also don't worry about an Insta theme, I know lots see it as the be all and end all but I much prefer a mish mash of well taken pictures. They don't all have to be the same! My username is misspond on Insta.

  2. Love your pictures, I always wonder how people can stick to a single theme hah I try to myself and always want to post lots of different things. Maybe have multiple accounts to play around with? I am now following you (: @lovexoadventure is my insta.

  3. You've definitely upped your ig game - it looks soo gorg!xx



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