Friday, 29 January 2016

Life Currently

I originally was inspired to write this post when I saw something similar on the lovely Bel's blog which you can check out here. It's short, snappy and a perfect way to give you an update to my life currently. 

Eating: Granola, all day everyday, I love the stuff.

Drinking: Almond milk has literally be the greatest change to my diet in the past few months. Dairy milk would often make me fill bloated and I found my skin to be a lot worse. Since switching the majority of my milk consumption to almond milk, my skin has improved dramatically.

Watching: I am really enjoying watching Grey's Anatomy, it's a bit of a marathon as there are 12 seasons, but I am determined to finish it.

Listening: I haven't really been listening to anything in particular this month, but I've loved having Spotify playlists on, particularly their chill out ones. They are perfect for having on in the background when trying to blog, read or work.

Reading: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Ok, I have been reading this book forever, and while so many people rave about it, I've really struggled to get in to it. That being said, I am over halfway through now, and can tell it's about to get exciting.

Planning: After my trip to Europe last year I met a great group of girls, unfortunately we are spread out across the world. We are hoping to reunite this summer, and if the dates line up, I know it will be fantastic.

Obsessing: I'm finally getting a double bed, so have been spending a lot of time trying to find the perfect bedding to go with all the different colours and patterns my room is filled with.

Smelling: I've been loving a candle I bought from Dunelm quite a while ago. It's fragranced 'Champagne Luxe' and gives my room such a warm, cosy feeling.

Wearing: Jumpers galore. While it's not as cold as usual this year, there is nothing quite liked getting wrapped up in a thick, cosy jumper.

Wanting: For a long time now, I have been wanting a pair of creepers. They are a great change from my usual boots and have really missed not having any since my last pair broke.

Feeling: Scared. I've just finished full time work, so am excited as much as I am nervous about diving into the daunting world of looking for a job.



  1. You should invest in a pair of good creepers! I wear wear every single day and they go with everything, TUK do some great ones and while they're quite pricey, the quality is unquestionable and they're so comfortable xx

  2. Interesting read! Your blog layout is amazing, when I am familiar with blogging etc, I may upgrade to something like yours

    Vicky x

  3. I've recently jumped on the almond milk bandwagon too. It's delicious. Yes, Gone Girl is an awesome book. Have you read any of her other books? I liked Dark Places and Sharp Objects too.

    Christina x

    Christina Campbell Hughes

  4. I love this kind of post!! I'm obsessed with Greys! I'm already on season 4 and only started it a few weeks ago! My uni work is crying!!XX

  5. This is such a fab idea for a post! I bet you're so excited to get a double bed! xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. I really want to read Gone Girl!


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