Friday, 1 January 2016


I am finally posting about my Graduation in November.

I am officially a graduate! After finishing University in May, Uni felt like a whole life time ago, I've travelled to 12 different countries, started temporary full time work, and applied for God knows how many jobs. I feel like I have changed so much in that time too, so heading back to somewhere that was filled with so many old memories was a little strange.

That being said, it was great heading back to Southampton. As a girl from the countryside, Southampton had the perfect balance of city life mixed with the docks and parks. Living over 200 miles away now, it is somewhere I will most definitely miss.

Graduation day itself all went a little too quickly. The weather was terrible and as my ceremony wasn't until 2pm the majority of the morning was spent indoors hiding from the wind and the rain, hence the lack of good pictures. My new heels were absolutely ruined in the rain meaning I had to change into my flats which I was more than annoyed about. Apart from the weather, the day was a great success. My Mum cried when I was fitted for my gown, which of course, made me cry too, making us both look like a right couple of muppets in the middle of the sports hall. 

My friend who was graduating the day after came down to see us in our gowns, which meant a lot. I love the picture of the girls and me above, and I know I have truly met friends for life at university.

 As someone who has never known much about graduating, the ceremony seemed very grand and formal, although, as we were the last course, I spent most of it nervously waiting for my turn to go on stage. After the ceremony we had a few drinks at the reception and some more pictures (luckily the rain had stopped), before disappointedly handing my gown back in and heading to Mettricks for a drink.

Despite the wind and rain coming in from storm bloody Barney I actually really enjoyed myself and it was great to celebrate something I had worked so hard for. I know it's seen as a common thing to have a degree now, and I was really surprised of how proud I felt on the day, but it was a great feeling!


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  1. Aw it looks like a great day! Congrats on graduating, such an achievement. I never got to go to my graduation as I had moved to the UK so it was too far to go back to NZ! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. Congratulations!! Sounds like you had a good day!!


  3. What an achievement :) good luck with everything.


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