Monday, 4 January 2016


Back in November, with a few days to spare between my Graduation and Graduation ball, I decided to treat myself to a few days away to Brighton. I almost didn't want to like Brighton, there is so much hype around the place, and I didn't want to like it simply because everyone else did, but I did. I LOVED it. I don't know whether it was because I was going through a rubbish time or something else, but I absolutely fell completely and utterly love with the Brighton.

Having to travelled to quite a few places around the UK, I know that I pretty much love anywhere near the sea. I'm not sure quite what it is, but I just feel a lot calmer and happier when I'm by the seaside. Of course, this meant that I had already given Brighton the upper hand compared to a lot of other cities before I had even arrived. I made it just as it was getting dark so took a small walk down to the beach and over to the pier before it was in complete darkness. Storm Barney as I mentioned in my graduation blog post was still in full force, so if crashing waves and gale force winds don't put you off a place, I don't know what will. 

The next day was spent seeing Brighton Pavilion, discovering the lanes, and of course, a little bit of indulgent shopping. With it being November and terrible weather, a lot of the smaller shops weren't open which was a shame, but with the streets being a lot less busy than usual, it meant that I could have a proper look around. Obviously, any trip to a seaside town isn't complete without a visit to the arcades too.

Coincidently, while I was there, the Christmas lights were being turned on by Hobbie Stuart (singer, songwriter, Youtuber) I decided to head down to hear him perform a little and see the lights being switched on. I was really impressed with Hobbie's singing, while I have appreciated it through Youtube, seeing him live made me realise how much of a good singer he actually is. I didn't stick around for too long as the screaming fangirls although not too crazy were a little daunting.

So that was my trip to Brighton like I said I loved the place and it was the perfect little escape for me. While my mum travelled down on the first day with me, I spent the rest of the time on my own. As my first trip away alone, I actually really enjoyed it, and feel glad to have pushed myself out of my comfort zone a little more, best get planning my next trip away quick!


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  1. These photos are just gorgeous!


  2. Brighton is so beautiful! Hope I'll visit it one day.

  3. I've visited once before, but when I was younger so I can't really remember it. I'd love to visit again because it looks like such a beautiful place! Your photos are stunning! xx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  4. I'm loving how you captured the little details. I'm a sucker for beautiful photography. I've never been to Brighton before. Looks lovely. I wanna jump on a plane and go now!!


  5. It's so nice to explore new places. Brighton looks lovely! We've only driven through it a few times but haven't had time to actually stop and check it out better.
    I relocated to the UK not too long ago so there are still many towns and cities (and villages) I must visit. London has so far most frequently visited location lol :)
    Just made sure to follow you on your social media channels girlie.
    xox Nadia

  6. What a great post, Faye - thanks for sharing! We've yet to actually get to Brighton (even though we live in London). We MUST make more of an effort! Haha!

    Lloyd & Yaya x


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