Saturday, 2 January 2016


Some photos from my trip around Europe

Fresh Starts and New Beginnings...
Every year I set myself some targets for the year, it gives me something to aim towards. This year I have decided to choose goals for different areas of my life. Firstly however, I want to focus on last years goals. I think the colour system pretty straight forward, but Green means I achieved my goal, Orange means it work in progress, and Red means I haven't done it (yet!)

Lose 3st
Ok, I have had a weight loss target every year on these posts and every year I never reach my goal. As I've said before, the ups and downs of being at Uni led me to extreme yo-yo dieting.

Set up my own online shop
As the year went on, I decided that this is something I became less and less interested in doing. While it could still happen at some point in the future, it's not really a main focus for me at the moment.

Meet more bloggers and attend events
I have definitely been to a lot more events this year and really pushed myself to meet know people, it's something I am hoping to work even harder at next year.

Get the most out of my travels (I'm travelling around Europe, America and Canada!)
I had the most incredibly amazing time while travelling and met some of the most amazing people. It's really inspired me to travel more in the future.

Get out and experience life more, don't sit on the sidelines
This is most likely one of my biggest achievements of the year. I still feel like I should step out and involve myself in even more things, but this has definitely been the year that I have really come out of my comfort zone and pushed myself. I am much more happier and confident than I use to be.

Get a job after University finishes
Although I am currently working full time, it's not really the job I really had in mind for myself. Luckily I am only there temporarily, so am spending my free time searching for other opportunities.

Continually work hard on my Blog and Youtube
While I have started to fall out of love with Youtube, I have continually loved my blog throughout the year. My main goal for next year is to make sure I keep blogging even when I am really busy.

Organise my time to get the most out of it
Hangs head in shame and reminisces about all the Tv shows that I have watched this year! (Opps)

Take as many pictures as I possibly can
Let's just say that investing in an external hard drive was one of my best purchases of the year, any blogger will know, there is no such thing as too many photos.

Volunteer at an organisation or charity
I'm really upset that I didn't find the time to make this a regular thing for me. It will most definitely be something I want to focus on next year.

Learn to accept and appreciate what makes me, me!
Still working on this, but definitely a big improvement on last year.

This year I have made targets for different areas of my life, some are little, while some a bigger goals for the year. 

Read 15 books
Take time to be more creative
Spend more time outside exploring
Go on adventures
Write in my journal more

Get to a weight where I am happy with my body
Incorporate Yoga/Pilates into part of my routine
Reduce my meat and dairy intake
Meditate More Often
Exercise regularly (LOL)

Get a job
Buy a car and pass my driving test
Volunteer at a charity event or fundraiser
Make new friends

Attend more events
Meet bloggers and make friends
Create a blogging schedule and stick to it!

I will be writing a separate post for my blogging stat goal next week, so make sure you don't miss that. 2015 is going to be a pretty hard year to top, but I like a challenge! All that is left, is for me to say a big thank you for all your support in 2015 and wish you all the best for 2016... let's smash it!



  1. Great resolutions. It's always a good idea to focus your goals in a list like this - I really need to make my own!

    Katie x

  2. Good luck with your resolutions! I suck with them so don't bother making any, haha!


  3. Some great resolutions! :)

  4. I like how you used a traffic light system to see how your previous resolutions went. Good luck with your goals for this year, I hope you achieve them :)

    Sami x | Daisy Daydreams


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