Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide

I can't quite believe that it is December already, the countdown to Christmas is in full flow, and I'm sure many of us are spending our time searching for presents for those awkward relatives who seem to like nothing or own everything. This year I will be creating my own advert of sorts where a different post will be going up everyday in the lead up to Christmas. It's important that you check back everyday to what is behind the metaphorical 'door'. I've been working on lots of new and exciting posts, so make sure you stick around for the advent season.

Today's post is a 'His and Hers' gift guide. It's that time of year where the shops a filled people searching for the perfect gifts. Prices in this gift guide vary from £399- £2.95 so there should be something for all kinds of budgets, and will at least give you an idea for those awkward family members (Brother, I'm talking to you!)
I tend to find that women are a lot easier to buy gifts for, if in doubt a toiletry set is always the way to go, however, a Nivea shower gel and loofah doesn't really scream 'personal gift idea'. I couldn't put everything that I wanted on these gift guides but hopefully it while generate some ideas if you are really struggling. Perhaps the iPad case will get you thinking about tablet accessories or the Paco Rabanne Perfume will get you thinking about people's favourite scents. Candles is always a good purchase around Christmas, and the Yankee Candle in 'Winter Glow' is most definitely a winner.

If you're anything like me, buying presents for the male members of your family can quite often be a nightmare. While there are endless amounts of joke presents, finding an affordable present that is both useful and more interesting than a pair of socks, can be quite difficult. I've actually got my eye on the credit card power bank for myself, this would be perfect for when my phone runs out of battery as it fits perfectly in to your purse or wallet, also great for any guy, as they most likely don't carry a bag.

What are you buying for your nearest and dearest?

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