Monday, 5 October 2015

Festive Fitness Challenge

Lets do this! (insert bicep emoji here)

I am currently taking part in the DW Fitness 'Festive Fitness Challenge'. The idea behind the challenge is to weigh in once every two weeks, along with 11 other bloggers. The percentage lost by each blogger is then posted to their online leaderboard, who ever is top at the end of the challenge on the 21st December, wins a prize. It is extremely motivational to know that you are going through it with a whole group of people, and we even have a facebook group to chat and discuss ideas. Having been away in America, I am starting a week later than everyone else, but excited to get going.

I've been wanting to overhaul my diet for a long time, as a serial yo-yo dieter I knew working in a group to lose weight would be great motivation, especially after having spent a lot of summer travelling, and living off restaurant meals and takeaways.  I sent a food journal to the personal trainers at DW Fitness which they sent back to me, with tips of how to improve my diet, I think my main struggle will be chocolate, I'm yet to find a healthy alternative that tastes anything like it!

Taking on board what the personal trainer said, I began to create a meal plan. Off my own back, I have decided to reduce my dairy and meat intake for a variety of reasons. I currently have no plans to go vegetarian or vegan, but the huge reduction in dairy and meat has meant that my whole diet has been overhauled. I went shopping and bought lots of food, the majority of which is fruit and veg. I also treated myself to the nak'd bars and vegan cheese as a little reward for when I am doing well. Obviously, this isn't everything that I will be eating, I've got beans and pulses, and some meat options that I didn't photograph, however this provides a little insight into my new diet. 

I will be posting regularly about this journey in the run up to Christmas, and wish good luck to anyone else who is aiming to lose weight before the big day!


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  1. That is such a great idea, incredible motivation :) Hopefully will read more about your progress and journey to gold! *fist pump emoji* xx

  2. Oh wow, this sounds like such a great challeneg - i need something like this!


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