Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Festive Fitness Challenge: Week 5-6

As part of the DW Fitness 'Festive Fitness Challenge' I am taking part in (you can read about it here), I am going to be posting bi-weekly about all things weight loss, and with eight weeks to go till the end of the challenge, the game is most definitely on! 

This week I am going to be talking about the struggles of trying to lose weight. I'm sure the majority of us have been there, wanting to shed the pounds but lacking in motivation, upcoming events that warrant a diet break or generally feeling overwhelmed by the final goal. I particularly struggle knowing how much I want to lose, and how far away I am from that goal.

I would class myself as a serial Yo-Yo dieter, so serial that in the past 3 years, I have gained and lost the same stone six times, SIX times! I've been so fed up, that I have often felt like giving up with it. My biggest downfall is being consistent, I'll eat and exercise perfectly for a week or two but once I reach a few weeks in, I burn out, get bored with the regime and slowly fall back into old habits.

This time around, I'm trying to mix it up, whether that be trying new recipes, upping my weights at the gym or overhauling my routine altogether. I'll keep you updated on my progress, but let me know in the comments, what your secrets are for staying focused when it comes to losing weight or living a healthy lifestyle.


Saturday, 24 October 2015

Delicious Healthy Ice Cream

This is honestly my new favourite thing, in the world, ever. Ok, despite the dramatic statement this honestly is a new favourite of mine, I made it by complete accident one morning (although it's so simple so I doubt I am the only one). I was trying to make my usual berry smoothie, when I stumbled upon this little creation, and if you struggle with your sweet tooth when trying to eat healthily, this is the perfect solution.

It's so easy to make, that it only includes two ingredients, bananas and berries. The most important part is that they are both frozen. I buy frozen summer fruits as it's a lot cheaper then freezing you own. For the bananas, they work best once they have ripened, simply peel and slice them, then pop in the freezer. It's a great idea to do this when you have a whole bunch of bananas you know you aren't going to get through. 

Take the bananas out of the freezer about 15 minutes before you are going to blend them, to make sure they aren't too hard, then simply, pop around 2 bananas and a big handful of berries into the blender and blend, it's that simple. If you are using a hand blender like me, it definitely works your muscles making sure it's all blended.

I can't describe quite how delicious this is, and I have been having it almost everyday for about a week. You can even add flax seeds, chia seeds or any kind of thing you like, be sure to let me know if you mix it up with any other ingredients.


Tuesday, 20 October 2015

7 Reasons to go travelling

If you've read my blog for a little while then you'll know that I am a massive travel lover. I encourage anyone and everyone to go travelling the benefits to are endless. Here are just 7 reasons I think it's important to travel...

Monday, 5 October 2015

Festive Fitness Challenge

Lets do this! (insert bicep emoji here)

I am currently taking part in the DW Fitness 'Festive Fitness Challenge'. The idea behind the challenge is to weigh in once every two weeks, along with 11 other bloggers. The percentage lost by each blogger is then posted to their online leaderboard, who ever is top at the end of the challenge on the 21st December, wins a prize. It is extremely motivational to know that you are going through it with a whole group of people, and we even have a facebook group to chat and discuss ideas. Having been away in America, I am starting a week later than everyone else, but excited to get going.

I've been wanting to overhaul my diet for a long time, as a serial yo-yo dieter I knew working in a group to lose weight would be great motivation, especially after having spent a lot of summer travelling, and living off restaurant meals and takeaways.  I sent a food journal to the personal trainers at DW Fitness which they sent back to me, with tips of how to improve my diet, I think my main struggle will be chocolate, I'm yet to find a healthy alternative that tastes anything like it!

Taking on board what the personal trainer said, I began to create a meal plan. Off my own back, I have decided to reduce my dairy and meat intake for a variety of reasons. I currently have no plans to go vegetarian or vegan, but the huge reduction in dairy and meat has meant that my whole diet has been overhauled. I went shopping and bought lots of food, the majority of which is fruit and veg. I also treated myself to the nak'd bars and vegan cheese as a little reward for when I am doing well. Obviously, this isn't everything that I will be eating, I've got beans and pulses, and some meat options that I didn't photograph, however this provides a little insight into my new diet. 

I will be posting regularly about this journey in the run up to Christmas, and wish good luck to anyone else who is aiming to lose weight before the big day!


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