Friday, 4 September 2015


This weeks travel post is going to be about my adventure to the Swiss Alps, a little town called Grindelwald to be exact. Switzerland was most likely my favourite place I visited while I was away, mostly because it absolutely stunning, everywhere you look is filled with absolute beauty and peace. The drive to where we were staying was spectacular, and I spent the majority of it with my face up against the window admiring the view. 

Grindelwald was actually around 30+ degrees which I found really surprising as I had always assumed Switzerland to be a cold country, especially in the Alps. During the day there, we decided to head on the Jungfrau. The Jungfrau is a train that heads to the top of the Swiss Alps, also known as 'The Top Of Europe'. The views from their are absolutely ridiculous, the mountains were snow covered and the weather was a lot colder, but I absolutely loved it. Some of the Australians we were with had never seen snow before, so it was great to see them experience it for the first time. As well as all the viewing platforms at the top of the Jungfrau, there is also an ice palace which had some amazing sculptures and pathways. There was also a Lindt shop that was a little manic, but I did manage to pick some up, I mean, it was the perfect excuse to eat Swiss chocolate.

Once we had got back to Grindelwald, we spent part of the evening enjoying the beautiful scenery before heading on a walk in the evening. We found a little river surrounded by the mountains where we just sat and chatted for a little while. 

I absolutely fell in love with Switzerland and really hope to return on day. I just think it would be amazing to spend a week reading, writing and exploring the sites. Its an absolutely beautiful place, full of peace and calm, as well as some of the kindest people, a secret treasure if you ask me.



  1. Oh my god this looks stunning! Makes me miss the mountains so much <3

    Gorgeous photos :) xx

  2. Oh my god! It looks so amazing!

  3. Nice post, very happy to hear that you liked it, as I am living in Switzerland.. :-)

  4. Wow it looks amazing the views are incredible love the little ice sculptures x

  5. I've just returned from Switzerland too and soon fell in love with it! I didn't get to go to the snowy parts though (gutted!). Your photos are stunning. Great blog :)


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