Monday, 14 September 2015

Italy pt.1: Pisa, Florence & Orvieto

Italy was the next stop on my European adventure, I spent just over a week travelling all over Italy and I absolutely loved all of it. I've split Italy into two blog posts, as there was way too much for one, look out for the second one next Monday. When we first arrived in Italy, we headed straight for Pisa, of course, I did the whole leaning against the tower 'thing' that pretty much every tourist there was doing. The picture above doesn't really do it justice, as it was leaning a lot more than it seems. After taking pictures from all sorts of angles, I decided to try my first taste of Italian Gelato, it was absolutely delicious. Gelato became a running theme throughout Italy, with a majority of days spent aiming to try as many flavours as possible.

After Pisa, we then headed on to Florence where we were staying for two nights. We started the next day, by being taken on a tour through Florence by a local guide. I didn't know much about Florence other than a little about its art history, so was really intrigued to learn more. Unfortunately, it was really hard to hear what the woman was saying as it was noisy in streets, but even just being surrounded by the amazing architecture and buildings was enough for me. Once the tour was finished we went to try and find somewhere for lunch, with the weather being so hot, I was on the hunt for anything fruity. Of course, having fruit for lunch also meant I could have Gelato later on, I mean, it evens itself out of course! I'm not sure I would go back to Florence, because although I really enjoyed it, it is a heavily art focused city, and I felt I didn't know enough about art to fully appreciate what the city had to offer. Nonetheless, I fully recommend anyone visiting just once, I could have strolled through the winding street all day if it hadn't been so warm that is!

One of my favourite things about Florence however, was the wine tasting that we went on that evening. We drove to a place in the middle of the Tuscan hills where we were shown around a wine cellar and then ate a three course dinner with wines that complimented the food. It was all so delicious and probably one of the funniest nights of my life, just great food, brilliant company and a few too many glasses of wine.

The next day, feeling fresher than expected we headed towards Rome stopping off at a little town called Orvieto on the way. Orvieto is a city situated on a flat summit of volcanic rock. To get to the city, we travelled on the shuttle bus from the bottom of the rock. One of my favourite things about Orvieto was how separate it was from everything else, almost like its own little island. We, unfortunately, didn't get long to stop here, just enough time to grab some lunch and take a stroll around the little streets. I would love to have spent a little longer there as I felt like there was so much to explore.

Come back next Monday to hear about my adventures in Rome and Venice!


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  1. Lovely post I've just come back from Italy and also went to Pisa and Florence. We also visited a fishing area called Livorno not to far from Pisa if you're still down that end I'd definitely recommend it!

  2. I would love to visit these places. My favourite girls name is Florence


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