Friday, 25 September 2015

Hand luggage travel essentials

So as I posted about previously I'm currently travelling in America and Canada. I've not been on that many long haul flights, but when I do I always like to make sure I have a bag full of things to keep me occupied. As someone who really struggles to nap during the day I really like to keep busy. These are my top essentials for long haul flights:

Journals- Whenever I go away, I always take a travel journal with me, to record the adventure, people I met and things that I did. I usually tend to start writing it on the journey to wherever I am going, as I am usually pretty excited and it helps to pass the time until I finally arrive. I still look back on mine from a few years ago and love reliving so many memories I had forgotten.

Book/Kindle- I absolutely love getting lost in a book when I am travelling, and if the journey is long enough, you can even finish it. This time I'm taking Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I probably will be reviewing this when I get back, so look out for that.

Notepad & Pen- The possibility of a notebook and pen are endless. As well as jotting down little notes and things to remember, they are great for playing games. From hangman and noughts and crosses to sending little messages to each other, they are brilliant for keeping yourself occupied.

iPad/ Tablet- I'm pretty sure we get little TVs in the back of the seats in front on my flight, but I'm planning on downloading some TV shows and films to my tablet just in case. You can download straight from 4OD, Sky Go and iPlayer to watch later, so I will definitely being doing this. I will mostly likely also be using my tablet for games too. A couple of my favourites are Category Quiz and The Chase.

What are you hand luggage travel essentials?


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  1. Such a good idea to always take a journal travelling to record every memory!

    Lillies and Lipbalm

  2. I love quiz up! I think you can only play it on the internet though but its good for long car journeys x


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