Monday, 22 June 2015

Garnier Summer Body

Garnier gradual tanner has been one of my favourites for the past few years. As soon as the weather starts to get a little warmer I start slapping this on in the hopes of not blinding people at the sight of my white legs. I've tried quite a few gradual tanners but this is my absolute favourite, it's not sticky and I have never had problems with streaks or lines like I have had with other products.

I've been applying this practically everyday after a shower for the past few weeks, and it has developed into a really natural looking tan that has certainly made me feel a lot more confident about wearing shorts and skirts. I know it shouldn't really matter, but I always feel a lot better when I have got a tan. I've even had a few people ask me where my tan has come from, and seen as Cheshire, as well as the rest of the UK has had very limited sun, it's not hard to work out that this tan is from a bottle!

What is your favourite product when it comes to tanning?



  1. This is a product I would try! I am more inclined to try gradual tanning products than instant self-tanning ones. I am going to see if they have that in drugstores this week!

  2. Never heard about Garnier gradual tanner, feels as I'm missing something! Will have a look at it the next time I go shopping x

  3. I was recommended this a few weeks ago! Luckily Boots had it on offer so I purchased it, it's the first one I've used that hasn't streaked or left me with darker knees and elbows! X

  4. I used to use products like this all the time! The Dove one is great too x

    Harriet Rosie |

  5. I love this I use it between my weekly tanning xxx

    Laura | Tease Flutter Pout

  6. a lovely review :) im loving st tropezs gradual tanner atm, i cant seem to go wrong with it! (touchwood of course!)

    www.Barely There | British Beauty, Lifestyle & Health blog


  7. i have this too! i love it but mine never fades evenly :(
    natasha // eyebrows, inc.

  8. I wanted to try out this product but for some reason i didn't ! I just you apply it like a normal moisture cream or you do something different?

    xoxo Afrodite ~ BubblyBeauty


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