Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Origrami Polaroid Prints

Last year I did a little post about these prints which you can read here. I decided to add to my collection a few weeks ago and get some photos printed of the past year. I really enjoyed going through all my pictures from the past 12 months and picking a few of my favourites, I think it's going to become an annual thing. 

I ordered the prints from Origami, a great website that works through Instagram. All you have to do is go onto the website, log on with you Instagram details and click the photos you want to printed. They also do quite a variety of image styles, such as the square prints or polaroids with special information about the photo and where is was taken on the back. The company themselves are Australian but the photos tend to arrive in about two weeks which isn't bad considering. Plus, for about £12 after conversion for 36 prints, they really are great value.

I currently have mine pegged on to long pieces of string behind my bed. I had them like this before but I think they look a lot better with more photos. The lighting isn't the best in my room at University, but when I move back home soon, I will be sure to take a picture.

How do you like to display your favourite pictures?



  1. I love polaroids!

  2. These are so cute! I've seen a few apps that advertise these polaroid style prints, and I've been thinking about getting some, but I have so many photos to pick from it'd take me hours to decide!

    Jenny -

  3. That is a really great value 36 for £12! I love that they have a vintage feel, great to make your room decor a bit more unique!


  4. These look so good! Have been looking for somewhere to get polaroid photos done
    Laura x

  5. I've a Polaroid camera but getting film is so expensive so this looks like such a good idea! Polaroid images without the hassle haha!

    Catherine xx


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