Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Bionsen Roll-Deodorant

In complete honesty, when it has come to deodorants, in the past I haven't put much thought into them. As long as they smell good and don't irritate my skin, I tend to throw them in the basket without giving it too much thought.

Last week I was contact by Bionsen and asked to review their 'Caring Touch' roll-on deodorant. Although I prefer roll-on, I seem to always go for aerosol for some reason. At the end of the day, I guess you could simply say, 'does it do what it is supposed to?' Well, yes, but I can't quite believe how much I actually like this. I don't know if it's because I have been paying more attention to it for the purpose of this blog post, but I can't get enough. It doesn't leave that sticky residue that means you have to walk around with you arms in the air till it drys for what feels like forever. I have literally been applying this and get ready straight away. It also lasts for 10+ hours, (yes, I did just smell my armpit to tell you that, oh the glamour!) It also moisturises to make the skin feel soft and supple, and who does love a nice armpit?!

Recently I have been looking at using products that use less chemicals in, as I don't honestly know whats in a lots of the products I use.This and the entire Bionsen range has Japanese spa minerals and is free from aluminium and parabens which can cause skin irritation.

Not only has this deodorant my absolute favourite, I'm a complete roll-on converter and will be picking it up every time.

You can purchase it from Boots for £2.35 from the 9th March.
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  1. This sounds amazing! I never pay much attention to mine, apart from what they smell like haha!

    Emma at


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