Friday, 6 February 2015

Urban Outfitters Jewellery

For Christmas one of my Mum's friends bought me this lovely necklace set from Urban Outfitters. I don't buy a lot of things from Urban Outfitters but their jewellery is always something that catches my eye and I am absolutely in love with this set. I always seem to prefer silver or chrome jewellery to gold so when I opened these beauties on Christmas day I was over the moon. I initially thought they were all attached together but they can actually be worn separately.

The great thing about these necklaces is I feel like the could be worn all year round. I have been wearing the black stone necklace a lot recently, as I feel like it goes with every outfit. I can't wait to layer them up during summer, they are the perfect way to dress up the t-shirt and shorts combo I will most likely be wearing everyday.

What's your favourite place to get jewellery?



  1. These are lovely! I never think to look in Urban Outfitters for jewellery, but I will from now on!
    sammy xx

  2. Aw what a great piece you got here! I like to get my jewellery in different vintage places or And Other Stories when there's awesome stuff on sale :)

    Lovely blog!

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  3. I've never thought about looking at UO jewellery but these are amazing and I need to keep my eye out for them in the future!

  4. wow they are gorgeous! I love the one in the middle :) I've had a look at their range online and I'm in love with so many items, my basket is bursting!

    Tasha xo

  5. wow that necklace set is gorgeous, I'm always so impressed with Urban Outfitters jewellery but some of their pieces can be a little too pricey. Lovely post, I'm a new follower and cant wait to read more posts from you <3

    I'm giving away a Polaroid Camera on my blog if you're interested!

  6. this is a beautiful little combination, I don't really consider urban outfitters for anything really, especially not jewellery but i've seen a few people showing some really lovely things from there recently. My favourite jewellery place has to be Primark - might not be the best quality but it's cheap and disposable and it doesn't matter if I only wear it on one occasion

    Jade x

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