Monday, 23 February 2015

My 21st: Titanic Themed Hotel & Afternoon Tea

As mentioned in a previous post, my Mum took me on a lovely trip away to Liverpool for my 21st Birthday.

I live around 40 minutes on the train from Liverpool so have been there quite a few times, but mostly for shopping, and had never stayed the night. My Mum had booked this beautiful hotel called '30 James Street', it was a really lovely building, full of high ceilings and twisting staircases. The hotel has 64 Titanic themed rooms from Rose's Suite to Ismay's Quarters. We had booked to stay in the Cunard suite which has two double beds, a sofa bed, balcony and a whirlpool bath.

Before checking in, my Mum has booked us afternoon tea Carpathia Restaurant in the hotel. We were hoping to have some prosecco but sadly weren't offered it, none the less, the afternoon tea was absolutely beautiful. We had enough scones, tarts and cake to fill us up for the year, and after 3 cups of tea, I was more than stuffed. 

Unfortunately the room wasn't ready for the 3pm check in time so we didn't get into our room till after 4pm, and even then the room wasn't finished. Nonetheless, when we were finally in the room, I was so happy. The balcony view was beautiful and made me wish I had one at home. As for the whirlpool bath, it was simply amazing and I was pleading with my mum to convert our spare room into a bathroom... we can only dream!

we spent a lot of the evening just spending time together, and as I am University most of the time, I really cherish the time that I get to spend with my family. The next day, we decided to go to the cinema to see The Theory of Everything which was incredible and left us in tears.

Overall I had a brilliant time and honestly did not stop laughing the whole trip. I really enjoyed the afternoon tea and the breakfast the next morning was delicious! (typical me to remember the food most!)


One little thing to be aware of if you are staying, is if you are going to leave your bags at the hotel before you check in, or after you check out, they don't currently have anywhere secure to leave your bags. It's not to bad when you only have clothes in your bag, but I had my DSLR in my suitcase and the bags were just left in the reception area with no identification for whose bag was so whose so anyone could take them.


  1. What a lovely day! Sounds like you had lots of lovely treats to celebrate your birthday :)
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  2. What a cute way to spend your birthday! Liverpool is such an interesting city. Kinda silly about the bags though!
    lily x

  3. I stayed in this hotel a few weeks ago! It was a lovely experience but the lack of internet/Netflix/cleanliness/no luggage area was quite off putting. And we only had luke warm water :(

    Glad you had a lovely birthday! I love spending time with my family too :)

    Jenny -

  4. Oh my gosh it's TITANIC THEMED? That's amazing. Very cute. The bath looks ideal for bath bombs!

  5. oh wow, it looks so good!

    from helen at

  6. That last bit is a good tip for anyone staying there!

    I'm glad you had a great birthday weekend! It seems like a beautiful place! That balcony and bath looked amazing! Despite not being to drink alcohol for your 21st birthday, I'd say you had a great birthday! When I turned 21 I didn't drink either. We went out shopping, for clothes and books. I got a milkshake too! I was perfectly fine with that! :)

  7. Wow, that looks incredible. I would love to stay there :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

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