Monday, 12 January 2015

Wanderlust Tag

Where was your first plane to?
My first plane ride was from Manchester to Greece when I was around 6 years old. I don't remember it much as I was so young.
Where have you travelled to that you would love to visit again?
I would love to go back to America. I visited California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada in 2013 and would happily visit all the places again and there was so much to see.
You’re leaving tomorrow, money is no object, where are you going?
Most likely East Asia, I have wanted to visit Asia for quite some time as I would love to experience the change in lifestyle and culture. One day, I hope I will get there.
Preferred method of travel; planes, trains or car?
I think it really depends where you are heading. If I'm traveling across the country I would rather go in the car with a group of friends or on my own if I am going on the train. Of course, to get to most other countries I really need to catch a plane.

Favourite travel website?
World of Wanderlust. The pictures are absolutely beautiful and makes me desperate to travel.

Where would you travel to just eat the food?
It would have to be Italy, I love pasta, pizza and cheese so I think Italy would honestly be the best place for me. Although I know I would eat way to much.

Is there a place you would never go again?
I don't think there is anywhere that I wouldn't go again. I think you can have completely different experiences every time you visit a place.

Can you recite your passport number from memory if asked?
No, I have only had my passport a couple of years, ask my in 5 years and I may be able to.
Do you prefer the Window, Aisle, or Middle seat?
The window, but only if I am travelling with people who are sitting on the aisle seat. I hate the idea of not being about to get up if I needed to. If I was travelling alone, I would much rather sit on the aisle seat.

How do you pass the time on the air plane?
I tend to read or listen to music. If it is a long flight, I will watch a film or may try to get some sleep. I tend to get quite bored, especially if I am on my way home to rainy 'ole England.

Please let me know if you do this tag!



  1. I think that I'd want to visit Italy too! The food would be AMAZING. And I would eat so much of my goodness. You've traveled so much, I'm jealous!

  2. I would love to visit Greece one day! I have to say as an American, Southern California has some of the best weather, but NYC is always a fun place to be :)

    Emily //

  3. I like the window seat too, but wouldn't want to sit next to someone I don't know in case I have to get up and disturb them everytime. I love pizza so would'nt mind going to Italy to try out the authentic style pizzas. Istanbul is a lovely place to visit too, I loved it there especially the ice cream parlour!

  4. Great post! I am curious as to where the questions came from, lol.

  5. I love this idea! Will definitely be taking part in this tag 😀

  6. Ooo I love this, I may have to steal this tag lovely! Greece is a great first plane ride destination too!

    Mel x


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