Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Roam Jewellery

For Christmas this year, my Mum kindly bought me a necklace and bracelet set. I've never heard of Roam before, but when I looked it up, I realised that it is actually a brand from New Look. During summer particularly, I love layering necklaces on top each other and a collection of ever-growing bracelets seems to appear on my wrist. 

I love all the bracelets and necklaces in the sets and know that I will be wearing them very soon. My favourite necklace is the the small round blue circle with the red detail. I just really love how delicate and cute this necklace looks. I love the similar bracelet, but also really like the top bracelet with the purple stones, it looks so simple but beautiful.

In complete honesty I love all the bracelets and necklaces and can't wait to start wearing them soon. There is nothing I love more than adding beautiful jewellery to brighten up an simple outfit.



  1. They look so delicate and pretty! I love delicate bracelets. x

  2. These are all so pretty, I love layering bracelets too :) I really like Newlook jewellery I think they have some real gems and jewellery definitely makes an outfit.
    Love Holly x

  3. These are so pretty! I love how unique these pieces are!
    Modern Beauty Girl
    Other Modern Girl

  4. Wow these are so pretty, I love the blue one!


  5. These are beautiful - I never think to check the New Look jewellery! Just usually head straight for the shoes... haha. Lucy, xx

  6. These necklaces are so pretty! I adore the colours and how dainty they are. You are so right, they would look fabulous layered up as well! I've never seen that brand in New Look either, will definitely be keeping an eye out now! :)
    Nicole xx / Life in Ginger

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