Monday, 5 January 2015

50 Facts About Me

I love getting to know fellow bloggers and reading facts and quirks about them, so for todays blog post, I decided to write the '50 Facts About Me' tag in case anyone else enjoyed reading these kind of posts too.

1. I am going to be 21 in 6 weeks
2. My blog is going to be 4 years old this year
3. My favourite Marvel superhero is Thor
4. I believe the key to happiness is cheese
5. I hope to spend time living in different countries and exploring as much as I can in the next few years
6. I'm hoping to open my own online shop at some point this year
7. This is the first time in my life that I don't own any pets
8. I get anxious around large groups of people I don't know and am working extremely hard to control this.
9. I would love to live in New York at some point in the next few years
10. My blog hasn't always been called FayeOlivia
11. I love getting lost in the world of a book or TV series
12. I am writing this at 11:15pm on New Years Eve (wild, I know!)
13. I am travelling to 13 countries next summer and absolutely cannot wait
14. Imagine Dragons are the topped played band on my iTunes 
15. I love doing Pilates
16. Although I hate having my birthday close to Christmas (11th Feb), it's the only thing that brightens up winter for me, once the holiday season is over
17. I can't stand the squeaking noise towels make when they are twisted
18. The name of my blog is simply my first and middle name (crazy!)
19. I am in the final year of my degree in Southampton
20. I tend not to read fiction books during term time as I get too obsessed with the stories/world to get any work done.
21. I sang solo twice in front of people when I was younger
22. I was obsessed with buying singles when I was younger, Crazy in Love by Beyonce being a particular favourite.
23. I have an extreme imagination and would say I spend a lot of my time simply daydreaming
24. People often tell me that I am a wise person (I'm not quite sure how though)
25. One Direction are my guilty pleasure
26. I went on a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon when I was 19 and got extreme motion sickness
27. I have been watching Youtube videos since I was about 12/13 years old
28. Sherlock is my favourite TV show
29. Zac Efron has been my celebrity crush since I was about 11 
30. If I could speak to my younger self, I would say "stop worrying that you aren't 'cool'" (cringe)
31. I would love to be able to play a musical instrument, especially the piano
32. I am constantly accidentally saying things my housemates assume are innuendos 
33. I absolutely love putting music on and dancing around my room
34. A certain ingredient in some foods makes my nose super itchy, I just can't work out what it is!
35. I absolutely love exploring new places
36. My hair is extremely frizzy, and since moving by the sea things have only got worse
37. I have a growing interest in film photography and have asked for a Pentax K1000 for my birthday
38. I have one sibling, my brother called Ben who is 23
39. I get really embarrassed when anyone in my life talks to me about my blog (it's something I really need to get over)
40. I am easily distracted
41. Rimmel is my favourite high street makeup brand
42. I really hate the taste and smell of peanuts
43. I am a complete bargain hunter and love saving money
44. I have an obsession with black boots
45. I have 9 piercings and am hoping to get more soon
46. I love singing when I am home alone
47. I want to dye my hair blonde for summer
48. I said 'Hi' to Harry Styles on a train once (claim to fame)
49. I didn't think I would be able to name 50 facts
50. I am currently making my way through a box of Cheerios

I tag anyone to do this. If you do please let me know, as like I said, I love reading these posts!


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  1. I love posts like this! It really gives you an idea of who the blogger is. I did one a while back here -it took me ages to come up with 50 and finally finish it.


  2. I love these posts too! I'm guna attempt to do it - although 50 facts is a lot haha!

    Beth Bethany Georgina

  3. What a fun post for nosy people like me! XD
    Great time to write this, hope you didnt miss the count down lol! I also get anxious around large groups of people.
    48. 49. 50 was definitely my favourite! HAHA I haven't had cheerios in ages!

    I also have a A MAC Lipstick Giveaway (of your choice) happening RIGHT NOW on my blog ;)

    May your NEW YEAR fill you with joy and prosperity

    Shanna | My Curves and Lashes

  4. I love this post! and that's so exciting that you're traveling next summer!
    Modern Beauty Girl
    Other Modern Girl

  5. I love posts like these too! The travelling sounds super exciting and I get so embarrassed when people mention my blog as well. Good luck with the online shop! x

    Josie’s Journal

  6. You said hi to Harry Styles?! Wow haha that is definitely an exciting moment! I went to school with Snoop Dogg's son, so I got to meet him at our 8th promotion :) Sherlock is such an awesome show. xx

    Emily //

  7. 'I believe the key to happiness is cheese' - amen to that sister! :) Really enjoyed this post <3
    Love Holly x

  8. I have extremely frizzy hair so I feel your pain. Gotta load up on paraben free products to keep it at bay. :)
    Girl in a Whimsical Land


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