Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide

I can't quite believe that it is December already, the countdown to Christmas is in full flow, and I'm sure many of us are spending our time searching for presents for those awkward relatives who seem to like nothing or own everything. This year I will be creating my own advert of sorts where a different post will be going up everyday in the lead up to Christmas. It's important that you check back everyday to what is behind the metaphorical 'door'. I've been working on lots of new and exciting posts, so make sure you stick around for the advent season.

Today's post is a 'His and Hers' gift guide. It's that time of year where the shops a filled people searching for the perfect gifts. Prices in this gift guide vary from £399- £2.95 so there should be something for all kinds of budgets, and will at least give you an idea for those awkward family members (Brother, I'm talking to you!)
I tend to find that women are a lot easier to buy gifts for, if in doubt a toiletry set is always the way to go, however, a Nivea shower gel and loofah doesn't really scream 'personal gift idea'. I couldn't put everything that I wanted on these gift guides but hopefully it while generate some ideas if you are really struggling. Perhaps the iPad case will get you thinking about tablet accessories or the Paco Rabanne Perfume will get you thinking about people's favourite scents. Candles is always a good purchase around Christmas, and the Yankee Candle in 'Winter Glow' is most definitely a winner.

If you're anything like me, buying presents for the male members of your family can quite often be a nightmare. While there are endless amounts of joke presents, finding an affordable present that is both useful and more interesting than a pair of socks, can be quite difficult. I've actually got my eye on the credit card power bank for myself, this would be perfect for when my phone runs out of battery as it fits perfectly in to your purse or wallet, also great for any guy, as they most likely don't carry a bag.

What are you buying for your nearest and dearest?

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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Festive Fitness Challenge: Week 5-6

As part of the DW Fitness 'Festive Fitness Challenge' I am taking part in (you can read about it here), I am going to be posting bi-weekly about all things weight loss, and with eight weeks to go till the end of the challenge, the game is most definitely on! 

This week I am going to be talking about the struggles of trying to lose weight. I'm sure the majority of us have been there, wanting to shed the pounds but lacking in motivation, upcoming events that warrant a diet break or generally feeling overwhelmed by the final goal. I particularly struggle knowing how much I want to lose, and how far away I am from that goal.

I would class myself as a serial Yo-Yo dieter, so serial that in the past 3 years, I have gained and lost the same stone six times, SIX times! I've been so fed up, that I have often felt like giving up with it. My biggest downfall is being consistent, I'll eat and exercise perfectly for a week or two but once I reach a few weeks in, I burn out, get bored with the regime and slowly fall back into old habits.

This time around, I'm trying to mix it up, whether that be trying new recipes, upping my weights at the gym or overhauling my routine altogether. I'll keep you updated on my progress, but let me know in the comments, what your secrets are for staying focused when it comes to losing weight or living a healthy lifestyle.


Saturday, 24 October 2015

Delicious Healthy Ice Cream

This is honestly my new favourite thing, in the world, ever. Ok, despite the dramatic statement this honestly is a new favourite of mine, I made it by complete accident one morning (although it's so simple so I doubt I am the only one). I was trying to make my usual berry smoothie, when I stumbled upon this little creation, and if you struggle with your sweet tooth when trying to eat healthily, this is the perfect solution.

It's so easy to make, that it only includes two ingredients, bananas and berries. The most important part is that they are both frozen. I buy frozen summer fruits as it's a lot cheaper then freezing you own. For the bananas, they work best once they have ripened, simply peel and slice them, then pop in the freezer. It's a great idea to do this when you have a whole bunch of bananas you know you aren't going to get through. 

Take the bananas out of the freezer about 15 minutes before you are going to blend them, to make sure they aren't too hard, then simply, pop around 2 bananas and a big handful of berries into the blender and blend, it's that simple. If you are using a hand blender like me, it definitely works your muscles making sure it's all blended.

I can't describe quite how delicious this is, and I have been having it almost everyday for about a week. You can even add flax seeds, chia seeds or any kind of thing you like, be sure to let me know if you mix it up with any other ingredients.


Tuesday, 20 October 2015

7 Reasons to go travelling

If you've read my blog for a little while then you'll know that I am a massive travel lover. I encourage anyone and everyone to go travelling the benefits to are endless. Here are just 7 reasons I think it's important to travel...

Monday, 5 October 2015

Festive Fitness Challenge

Lets do this! (insert bicep emoji here)

I am currently taking part in the DW Fitness 'Festive Fitness Challenge'. The idea behind the challenge is to weigh in once every two weeks, along with 11 other bloggers. The percentage lost by each blogger is then posted to their online leaderboard, who ever is top at the end of the challenge on the 21st December, wins a prize. It is extremely motivational to know that you are going through it with a whole group of people, and we even have a facebook group to chat and discuss ideas. Having been away in America, I am starting a week later than everyone else, but excited to get going.

I've been wanting to overhaul my diet for a long time, as a serial yo-yo dieter I knew working in a group to lose weight would be great motivation, especially after having spent a lot of summer travelling, and living off restaurant meals and takeaways.  I sent a food journal to the personal trainers at DW Fitness which they sent back to me, with tips of how to improve my diet, I think my main struggle will be chocolate, I'm yet to find a healthy alternative that tastes anything like it!

Taking on board what the personal trainer said, I began to create a meal plan. Off my own back, I have decided to reduce my dairy and meat intake for a variety of reasons. I currently have no plans to go vegetarian or vegan, but the huge reduction in dairy and meat has meant that my whole diet has been overhauled. I went shopping and bought lots of food, the majority of which is fruit and veg. I also treated myself to the nak'd bars and vegan cheese as a little reward for when I am doing well. Obviously, this isn't everything that I will be eating, I've got beans and pulses, and some meat options that I didn't photograph, however this provides a little insight into my new diet. 

I will be posting regularly about this journey in the run up to Christmas, and wish good luck to anyone else who is aiming to lose weight before the big day!


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Friday, 25 September 2015

Hand luggage travel essentials

So as I posted about previously I'm currently travelling in America and Canada. I've not been on that many long haul flights, but when I do I always like to make sure I have a bag full of things to keep me occupied. As someone who really struggles to nap during the day I really like to keep busy. These are my top essentials for long haul flights:

Journals- Whenever I go away, I always take a travel journal with me, to record the adventure, people I met and things that I did. I usually tend to start writing it on the journey to wherever I am going, as I am usually pretty excited and it helps to pass the time until I finally arrive. I still look back on mine from a few years ago and love reliving so many memories I had forgotten.

Book/Kindle- I absolutely love getting lost in a book when I am travelling, and if the journey is long enough, you can even finish it. This time I'm taking Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I probably will be reviewing this when I get back, so look out for that.

Notepad & Pen- The possibility of a notebook and pen are endless. As well as jotting down little notes and things to remember, they are great for playing games. From hangman and noughts and crosses to sending little messages to each other, they are brilliant for keeping yourself occupied.

iPad/ Tablet- I'm pretty sure we get little TVs in the back of the seats in front on my flight, but I'm planning on downloading some TV shows and films to my tablet just in case. You can download straight from 4OD, Sky Go and iPlayer to watch later, so I will definitely being doing this. I will mostly likely also be using my tablet for games too. A couple of my favourites are Category Quiz and The Chase.

What are you hand luggage travel essentials?


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Monday, 21 September 2015


I've always liked olives, but I wouldn't say I was a huge fan until I heard about Oloves. I got my first packet in a goodie bag from a Southampton meet up and then again at Bloggers Festival. Oloves are a natural, vegan and low in fat snack which are brilliant for when you are on the go. They come in little pouches and are only 50 calories per snack. There are four flavours to choose from 'basil and Garlic' Chili and Oregano', Lemon and Rosemary and 'Chili and Garlic'.

I am obsessed with the Lemon and Rosemary flavour they are absolutely delicious and easily the best olives I have ever tasted. I'm unfortunately down to my last packet so on a serious hunt for some more, I've been to two Holland and Barretts near me with no luck, send help!


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Friday, 18 September 2015

I'm going to America & Canada

So right now, I am on a plane on my way to New York and I am way too excited. Obviously I am writing this a couple of days before I leave, and am currently getting everything packed and ready for the trip! I'm away for just over 12 days but am going to be super busy during that time with lots of things planned.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015


I have my blog because I love writing, I love photography and I love chatting to like minded people, to do all that, and at the same time gain a following is just fantastic. So as a little thank you, I wanted to run a 500 follower giveaway, just to show that I appreciate you continued support. I picked these up based on things I love myself so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Up for grabs:
Calvin Klein Lipbalm
The Body Shop Body Butter
Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish
Rimmel Lip Lacquer
Animal Printed Scarf

All you need to do is follow me on Bloglovin' to be in with a chance of winning this lovely lot of goodies! Plus, you can follow me on other platforms to have multiple chances of winning.

The giveaway will be running for a month so plenty of time to enter!
Giveaway ends on the 15/10/2015

If you do enter my giveaway, I would love if you would comment what you enjoy or would like to see more of on my blog in the future!


Monday, 14 September 2015

Italy pt.1: Pisa, Florence & Orvieto

Italy was the next stop on my European adventure, I spent just over a week travelling all over Italy and I absolutely loved all of it. I've split Italy into two blog posts, as there was way too much for one, look out for the second one next Monday. When we first arrived in Italy, we headed straight for Pisa, of course, I did the whole leaning against the tower 'thing' that pretty much every tourist there was doing. The picture above doesn't really do it justice, as it was leaning a lot more than it seems. After taking pictures from all sorts of angles, I decided to try my first taste of Italian Gelato, it was absolutely delicious. Gelato became a running theme throughout Italy, with a majority of days spent aiming to try as many flavours as possible.

Friday, 11 September 2015


On Saturday I attended my first big blog event in London. #BloggersFestival is an event organised by the lovely Scarlett London, which features around 200 bloggers, 20 brands and a London hotel. I was very nervous about attending as this was my first event I was going to on my own, plus that fact that it is arguably one of the biggest blogging events. I had planned to meet up with a lovely group of girls for lunch as Pizza Express round the corner from the Conrad Hotel, where the event was being held. There was around 20 of us that met beforehand, and I actually really enjoyed talking to everyone. We had spoke for a while on Twitter leading up to the day so it was great to finally put some names to faces. Since Saturday, we've still all be taking and I know it won't be long till I see those lovely ladies again!

After finishing lunch, we headed to the Conrad Hotel for the event. The queue wasn't very long so we were straight into the event before we knew it. After meeting Scarlett at the door and having a little chat, I was extremely excited to visit the different stands and get talking to some of the brands. There were around 20 stands in the whole room ranging from perfume brands, stationary, clothes and yoga, so there was something for a wide range of bloggers. As a lifestyle blogger I was spoilt for choice so really enjoyed going round to each stall and hearing more about the brands. 

One of my favourites was the jewellerybox.co.uk, as you can see from the picture above, their stand was absolutely beautiful and was really popular amongst the bloggers. There were lots of different stands offering Twitter and Instagram competitions, so it was great to get involved. There were so many stands that I enjoyed visiting that I am going to write a separate post on a few stand out ones. I headed round with Cat and Isabelle who were both lovely girls and it was great getting the chance to chat to.

We got so many great goodies from the event that I am going to save it for another post that will be going up soon. Overall I had a very tiring, but brilliant day, it was great to meet lots of new bloggers, catch up with some I hadn't seen in a while and get the chance to speak to some lovely brands. I am extremely grateful that I wasn't too anxious on the day too, as it would have really affected my enjoyment. Me and the girls from the bloggers lunch are continuing to speak everyday on our twitter chat and are already planning out next meet up. If you are thinking of going to one of Scarlett's events I encourage it, the event was so laid back and casual, their was no pressure to act a certain way, and I will definitely be returning!


Sunday, 6 September 2015

H&M Wishlist

You know what it's like, you plan to buy a much-needed item while online shopping, and before you know it, you have half the store on your wishlist. I went onto H&M to purchase a new bag, and when I fell in love with the burgundy tote bag I should have just stopped, however, before I knew it, I had a whole list of other things I wanted to purchase.

I am quite a black boot addict, so when I saw this lace up boots I couldn't wait to get my hands on them. They sadly don't have them in my size, but I am hoping they have them in stock when I head to the Trafford Centre for The Body Shop event tonight. The blue blazer is another firm favourite of mine too. I have leather jackets and coats, but I don't having anything for this kind of weather, not too hot, but not too cold can be difficult to dress for. Something like this, I want to try on to make sure it suits me, but at the moment I really love the smart casual look. I think the cream dress would go perfectly with the black boots, perfect for when the weather is getting a little colder.

In terms of jewellery, I am absolutely in love with stone rings, I think the colours of them are beautiful. The watch is also a favourite, it looks so smart, and for £9.99 it is an absolute bargain.

Are shops have caught your eye at the moment?


Friday, 4 September 2015


This weeks travel post is going to be about my adventure to the Swiss Alps, a little town called Grindelwald to be exact. Switzerland was most likely my favourite place I visited while I was away, mostly because it absolutely stunning, everywhere you look is filled with absolute beauty and peace. The drive to where we were staying was spectacular, and I spent the majority of it with my face up against the window admiring the view. 

Grindelwald was actually around 30+ degrees which I found really surprising as I had always assumed Switzerland to be a cold country, especially in the Alps. During the day there, we decided to head on the Jungfrau. The Jungfrau is a train that heads to the top of the Swiss Alps, also known as 'The Top Of Europe'. The views from their are absolutely ridiculous, the mountains were snow covered and the weather was a lot colder, but I absolutely loved it. Some of the Australians we were with had never seen snow before, so it was great to see them experience it for the first time. As well as all the viewing platforms at the top of the Jungfrau, there is also an ice palace which had some amazing sculptures and pathways. There was also a Lindt shop that was a little manic, but I did manage to pick some up, I mean, it was the perfect excuse to eat Swiss chocolate.

Once we had got back to Grindelwald, we spent part of the evening enjoying the beautiful scenery before heading on a walk in the evening. We found a little river surrounded by the mountains where we just sat and chatted for a little while. 

I absolutely fell in love with Switzerland and really hope to return on day. I just think it would be amazing to spend a week reading, writing and exploring the sites. Its an absolutely beautiful place, full of peace and calm, as well as some of the kindest people, a secret treasure if you ask me.


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream

Before I went away, I was on the search for a tinted moisturiser, something light that would be great to wear even in the heat. My previous favourite had been discontinued so I was hoping for something that would live up to it. While searching through the various drugstore brands, I came across the L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream. Ok, I'll be honest, I think what attracted me to this the most was the way in which the product works. The product comes out as a white liquid that uses smart pigment capsules to transform into a light foundation when it comes into contact with the skin.

It is very light coverage and I tend to wear concealer over the top to cover my acne, however if your main concern is evening your skin tone then this product couldn't be better. Even without concealer, my skin looks so much better, but keeps it looking natural which is probably what I love about it most. The product is for sale for £9.99 from Boots, however when I bought mine, Boots were running an offer of 2 for £10 on L'Oreal products, so I managed to pick one up for my Mum too.

I definitely will repurchase this again, and I am hoping that once my acne clears up, I will be able to get away with just wearing this. It's just so easy to apply, natural looking and long lasting.


Monday, 24 August 2015


The first stop on my European adventure was Paris. Before I arrived, I had mixed opinions about what to expect, I know it is sometimes raved about as every blogger's paradise, but I was curious to see how well it fit me. It was the start of the trip, and I was feeling pretty nervous about meeting everyone else, so I don't feel like I fully gave Paris my full attention, although I did enjoy it overall.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Bem Brasil Event

Last week I was invited to the relaunch of Bem Brasil in Altrincham. I had been to Bem Brasil in Liverpool before for my 18th birthday, but given that was 3 years ago, I was curious to head back. If you have never been, or heard of Bem Brasil before, they are a chain of five restaurants in the north. What makes the restaurant experience so unique is the way the food is given to you. There is a buffet area filled with salads, sauces and sides that you can help yourselves to. Once you have chosen what you want, you take your seat and throughout the evening a range of meats are bought to the table on a big skewer for you to choose from. I unfortunately didn't get any good pictures of this but it would have been good to demonstrate what I mean. The meats are cooked perfectly, and it's a real treat if you are a meat lover.

The event itself was really brilliantly organised, once we arrived, we were given a glass of Prosecco and shown to the table where I had the opportunity to get chatting to some lovely bloggers. It was my first event back home so was feeling pretty nervous, but all the girls were so kind, it was really welcoming. I was absolutely stuffed at the end of the meal, but absolutely loved it. I feel like this is a great place to go for a special occasion, it isn't cheap but I definitely think you get what you pay for, and if you want meat cooked to perfection and brilliant service, this is the place to go. 


Monday, 17 August 2015

10 Countries in 20 Days

I'm back from travelling! I had an absolutely incredible time that I can't wait to tell you about. I'm going to be posting separate posts every Monday for the next 6 weeks about exactly what I got up to in each place I visited. I did a post about my trip quite a while ago, so here is a quick refresher for anyone who missed it.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Garnier Micellar Water

OK, I'll be honest; I am terrible when it comes to taking my eye make up off. I usually just wash my face, look in the mirror and see dark rings of black around my eyes. It's really bad for my skin and eyes and something that I wanted to control. I've used quite a few Micellar waters in the past including the much loved Bioderma. While I liked them all, it wasn't until I tried the Garnier version that I really fell in love.

I'm bought this from Boots for £3.33, which I think is a really great price considering it is a 400ml bottle and promises around 200 uses per bottle. They offer a range of products for different skin types such as 'combination & sensitive' and 'very sensitive'. I decided to purchase the combination & sensitive skin as my skin is quite oily and because of my acne, can react quite quickly to different products. Needless to say I have had no outbreak to this at all, and if anything, it has cleared up my skin. While I use to get a lot of breakouts on my chin, since using this product, I haven't had any and I have noticed that my skin has become significantly smoother too. 

As for removing eye makeup, it is brilliant. I no long go to bed or wake up in the morning with big panda eyes. I still use my face wash afterwards if I have been wearing makeup, as I find that I would need at least three cotton pads to remove all of my make up with just Micellar water but I don't mind doing this at all. I have been using this twice a day and it is continuing to work really well for me.

Overall I would absolutely recommend this product, it is the best Micellar water that I have tried so far and I know that it will be come a firm favourite in my collection for some time.


Monday, 22 June 2015

Garnier Summer Body

Garnier gradual tanner has been one of my favourites for the past few years. As soon as the weather starts to get a little warmer I start slapping this on in the hopes of not blinding people at the sight of my white legs. I've tried quite a few gradual tanners but this is my absolute favourite, it's not sticky and I have never had problems with streaks or lines like I have had with other products.

I've been applying this practically everyday after a shower for the past few weeks, and it has developed into a really natural looking tan that has certainly made me feel a lot more confident about wearing shorts and skirts. I know it shouldn't really matter, but I always feel a lot better when I have got a tan. I've even had a few people ask me where my tan has come from, and seen as Cheshire, as well as the rest of the UK has had very limited sun, it's not hard to work out that this tan is from a bottle!

What is your favourite product when it comes to tanning?


Wednesday, 17 June 2015

What Have I Been Up to

So as mentioned previously, I decided to take a couple of months away from my blog and social media in order to fully concentrate on my final few months of university (dissertation and all). I had originally planned to start blogging as soon as my deadlines finished, but decided to take some time before jumping back in. I wanted to do a little post about what I have been getting up to in the past few weeks.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Hello Stranger

Ok, I don't actually know where to start with this one. I have been gone for quite a while, 3 months to be exact. I don't want to dwell on this too much, but feel the need to explain the reason for my absence. I was working hard on my blog and enjoying it, but at the same time felt that balancing my time between my final year of university and my blog, meant that they were both suffering, so I made the decision to focus on my degree until hand in. Good news, I handed in my last assignment a few weeks ago so am officially free forever, and unemployed but lets not focus on that too much right now. Anyway, with all my work out of the way, I am so eager to be able to start blogging again. I think the break actually helped in many ways because I feel that my content kind of needs a 'shake up', so expect lots of new, exciting and hopefully inventive content on here as well as my other social media. 

It's just a short post from me today as I thought that it was necessary to explain why I had been gone all this time. However expect a new post on Wednesday that I really hope you will enjoy. I have so many adventures planned over the next few months, including visiting 11 different countries, lots of days trips and a summer of fun, I hope you'll stick around!


Monday, 23 March 2015

Keeping Things Simple

Today I was planning a quick trip to town to buy some presents for some upcoming Birthdays. I knew I was only going to be in town for a couple of hours and they idea of putting all my makeup on was not at all appealing. 

Instead, I decided to opt for these little beauties in the picture above. I started with the Clinque moisturiser as the cold weather really isn't being kind to my skin, followed by Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and my Maybelline Matte Maker powder which I absolutely love. For my eyes, I simply used the shades 'Sin' and 'Darkhorse' from my Naked palette followed by my Daniel Sandler mascara, a favourite of mine at the moment. For my brows I went for my everyday HD Brows kits, I've recently hit pan on this and am honestly going to be so sad when it runs out. To add a little bit of colour to my lips, I went for Maybelline 14hr Lipstick in the shade plum, another favourite. Basically I just used all my favourite things!

This is the first time that I have worn this combo of makeup and I actually really loved it, it took a lot less time and left my skin feeling a lot lighter than normal, perfect for those simpler days.

What's your quick and easy go-to makeup?


Friday, 20 March 2015

Hello Spring! Wishlist

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 8 | 9 |

It's the first day of spring wahooo!

I thought that it would be pretty fitting to make a wishlist of some of the items I have been eyeing up for spring and summer. When I first had the idea for this wishlist, I imagined lots of bright colours and prints, but no, lots of dark colours it seems!

I absolutely love all of this items and just looking at them makes me excited for the weather that is yet to come. I am currently sat in my kitchen and can see clear blue sky through the skylight, once all my work is finished I cannot wait to get out and enjoy it. Looking at this wishlist, I am picturing lots of outfit combinations, I especially like the idea of the flowered dress, floppy hat and sandals together, and have a feeling this will be my go-to outfit this summer. 

I'm so excited that the 70s is in fashion this summer as it's one of my favourite fashion eras, the black top really remind me of this style and I can't wait to wear it with the shorts that I have picked too. Oh, and don't even get me started on my love for the dungarees, a must have for this summer if you ask me.

What is your favourite item from my wishlist?


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Origrami Polaroid Prints

Last year I did a little post about these prints which you can read here. I decided to add to my collection a few weeks ago and get some photos printed of the past year. I really enjoyed going through all my pictures from the past 12 months and picking a few of my favourites, I think it's going to become an annual thing. 

I ordered the prints from Origami, a great website that works through Instagram. All you have to do is go onto the website, log on with you Instagram details and click the photos you want to printed. They also do quite a variety of image styles, such as the square prints or polaroids with special information about the photo and where is was taken on the back. The company themselves are Australian but the photos tend to arrive in about two weeks which isn't bad considering. Plus, for about £12 after conversion for 36 prints, they really are great value.

I currently have mine pegged on to long pieces of string behind my bed. I had them like this before but I think they look a lot better with more photos. The lighting isn't the best in my room at University, but when I move back home soon, I will be sure to take a picture.

How do you like to display your favourite pictures?


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