Thursday, 18 December 2014

Center Parcs

A few weeks ago, before the build up to Christmas, me and my family rushed off to Centre Parcs for a quick getaway. I hadn't seen my family in over 5 weeks, so when I met them at the station I was so happy. In the run up to Christmas, Centre Parcs always hold their annual winter wonderland event. I've never actually been during the Christmas period before but was so excited when we planned to go this year. I've mentioned Centre Parcs a few times on my blog in the past simply because I love it here so much. It's just so nice to take a step back from the hectic parts in life and appreciate being with loved ones in such a beautiful place.

It was absolutely magical filled with fake snow and reindeers. If you have young children it is perfect, although I enjoyed it so much myself! Being joined by ducks and squirrels outside the window every morning has to be one of my favourite things. I could seriously sit and watch them for hours.

A short post today, as I want the pictures to speak for themselves.



  1. Sounds lovely and your photographs are great!

    Tabby x

  2. ooh that looks so cosy! the ducks are adorable too

    from helen at

  3. The pictures definitely do speak for themselves! Looks like you had a fabulous time, looks so cute!
    followed you on bloglovin :)
    lily x

  4. Ahh it looks so lovely, i've been wanting to go to centre parks for a while as it's not to far from me :) x


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