Wednesday, 5 November 2014

New Look Autumn Wishlist

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Am I the only one who feels like New Look have been consistently spot on these past few months?
Every time I head into New Look I aways seem to buy something. Their clothes have just been so on trend recently.

I especially love the black and white dress, I actually think that this is stunning, and as a bigger lover of monochrome and dark prints, this couldn't better. In complete contradiction to that, the light blue coat is simply adorable. I've really been interested in 60s mod fashion recently, so as soon as I saw this coat I fell in love... if only my bank account would allow it!

Presure is most definitely building up with University work at the moment, and in honesty, I'm feeling a little lost. Where has the fun of freshers year gone? Probably hidden somewhere behind this stack of dissertation books!



  1. That shirt looks very similar to one I have, "what are you like" copying me ;)
    Love the dress, you should definitely get it! xx

    Catherine /

  2. Nice! I think I need to be more updated with New Look, they do have pretty great stuff :)

  3. I love your picks! The shirt is amazing.

    Lauren x


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