Thursday, 18 September 2014

Summer Berry Smoothie

When the weather is beautiful, or while it lasts at least, I have been loving grabbing a smoothie when I first wake up. At the moment, my favourite is a Summer Berry Smoothie, I am going to show you how to make today. It is so easy, and I mean really easy and quick to make. This is now my go to breakfast in the sun.

Frozen summer berries. These are quite cheaper than fresh, so are a great alternative if you are on a budget like me. Also, because they come straight from the freezer, the smoothie is cold straight away and instantly refreshing.

Banana. I feel like this makes the basis of the drink and I use it in any smoothies that I make, before adding the addtional fruit. If you don't like banana, which I know a lot of people don't, I would recommend natural or greek yogurt. I personally don't enjoy it half a much with yogurt but I know some people might.

Water. All the water does is makes the smoothies less thick and easier to drink, simple!

I usually only make this for me to drink so will use my hand blender. It's really quick and easy, plus it takes no time at all to clean afterwards. They are usually really affordable too, so would recommend looking at places like Argos if you don't currently own one. If you are making for quite a few servings, then I would recommend a larger blender. All I simply do, is throw it all into together (a big handful of berries is more than enough), and blend, then it's done. It is so simple and take me around five minutes to make. Not bad for a refreshing healthy drink.

What could be easier?



  1. that sounds amazing! I usually add chia seeds or something similar to my smoothies for extra fiber and nutrients!
    Modern Beauty Girl
    Other Modern Girl

  2. I love smoothies, I also use a hand blender, as it's so much easier to clean than the big ones!

    Maddie //


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