Wednesday, 3 September 2014

One Day #2

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For as long as I can remember, London was where I always wanted to live, and the only place I could see myself in the future. Every time I visited, I would imagine the type of apartment I would own, how I would decorate it and what it would be near. I actually did a blog post about a two years ago with the same title as this but looking at apartments in Kensington (a girl can dream!). While that still doesn't sound like a bad plan, it's not exactly where I see myself in the future anymore. Since living in Southampton and having to fend for myself, the sort of lifestyle I thought I wanted, is very different from what I actually want now. Of course, I do want to point out that I don't expect to be handed the apartment, job and lifestyle I crave. I want to work hard and I want to believe that this is possible.

Living by the sea has been the biggest change for me. Although there is no beach in Southampton, walking down to the docks and looking out over the sea is one of my favourite things to do, it's made the idea of living in a built up city much less appealing. Places like Brighton and Bournemouth, where I had previously hoped to live in when I was a lot older now appeal to me more than anything. 

Being able to visit places like this has made me realise that they still have everything I need, plus they are near the beautiful sea. I also love the independent shops and cute cafes that seem to fill these beautiful places. I'd like to think that maybe one day this could all come true for me. After all, if you work hard and persevere, I think anything is possible!


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  1. I really want to live in Brighton one day, it's such a lively city but not as crazy as London and I LOVE being by the beach too! It's my absolute dream to live there one day and go for walks on the beach etc :) xx

  2. I've always wanted to live in Brighton, it's so beautiful! xx

  3. I've lived by the sea since I was 9, and it's my favourite place in the world. I do love cities but if I am ever far from the sea for too long I feel sad. I lived in London for a year and when I moved back to the sea I appreciated it 10x more! Love the photos, Brighton look so amazing, I need to go there!

  4. I live in Sunderland because of University and I love living there. It's nice to go to the beach once in a while. Beautiful pictures. Daniella | Freshly Pressed Beauty


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