Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Candle Obsessed

One great thing about Autumn is candles. I love candles all year round, but I always think there is something a little strange about burning one of these beauties in the height of summer. I've already seen a few spiced candles that I think would make my room really warm and cosy, so I can't wait to pick those up in the next few weeks.

One candle that I already own, is the 'Champagne Luxe from Dunelm. I absolutely love the scent of this and have been waiting patiently for the right time to light it, although I'm not really sure when that is.

So yes, this is a post about candles, but after all, are candles pretty great?
(most interior nerd sentence I will most likely ever say!)



  1. oh I have to agree! I love fall candles! I love pumpkin spice candles the most!

  2. I'm really starting to love lighting a candle in the evening and relaxing before bed. I've also been using them while I'm working at my desk, it makes it a much nicer experience! I'm going through the scented tea lights I bought far too quickly though- I need to do a top up and buy some bigger candles! I've seen a few I like, so will be making a purchase soon.
    Jennifer x

  3. I love candles, especially Yankee ones! My favourite at the minute is Salted Caramel :)


  4. i'm obsessed with scented candles! My fave scent is vanilla :) x

  5. I've never thought of looking for candles in Dunelm - I'm going to have to check it out because this one sounds delicious!

    The Life & Times of Belle

  6. I love Dunelm, never thought to try their candles though, this looks lovely!



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