Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Aims for 3rd Year of University

This is actually a test photo I took of my friend (her blog) outside our university for a project we were working on!

I can't actually believe that I'm about to go into my 3rd and FINAL year of University... eeekk! Part of me is extremely excited to get on with the year, see my old friends and make lots of memories. The other part of me is knowing that the sooner this happens, the sooner I will be off in the big scary world trying to make a living! It's actually something that I am worrying about so much at the moment, and have been feeling a lot of pressure from certain people in my life to make a decision about where I'm heading!
As it's my final year of University, and my final year of living in the south (for now), I want to try and make the most of my free time and do as much as possible. My friends will know that I have said this many times and then got caught up in our little Uni bubble but I'm determined not to this year! 

Some of my goals for the year:

Stay organised
This is something that I have struggled with quite a lot, particularly at University. We have a lot of free time, and I actually find this more of a distraction than a help, as it means that I have no set routine for the day. This year, I am going to try and plan out my time as much as possible so not only do I get my work done, but I can have free days where I don't feel guilty for not doing anything.

Continue to Upload regularly on my blog
As soon as I get a lot of work at University, (and it was the same in college), I tend to struggle at managing more than one thing at once, not particularly a good life skill! I guess this one is linked quite heavily to the one above, and something that I want to work really hard on. After all, I absolutely love blogging, so it's a shame when I can't do it as often as I would like.

Days out and nights away
I love packing an overnight bag and going off somewhere for the night. It's so great to do it once in a while and I love discovering new places. It's something that I unfortunately don't get to do that often, plus packing a bag and going away on your own isn't much fun all the time. I have got a couple of trips planned already that I can't wait to take, and hopefully there will be many more. It's surprising what great deals you can get on sites like Wowcher or Airbnb.

Spend more time with my family
Being 200 miles away from home means that I don't get to see my family as often as I would like. I'm not sure I can afford to go home anymore than I do, but it would be nice to meet in the middle, perhaps discovering a cute little town in the process. Plus, apart from my Mum, Dad and Brother, the rest of my family live on the outskirts of London, so it would be nice to go and visit them more often too.

Keep Smiling
I really want to appreciate my final year. After this, me and my friends will all go off in our separate ways, and our lives will be very different than they are at the moment. Despite getting stressed with work in the past, I just want to focus and appreciate living in our mad little house for one last year.


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  1. I need to start smiling more! I'm always getting down over the silliest of things
    Love VictoriaJanex

  2. I just wrote a comment and it decided to not post it how rude haha.
    I'm about to redo my final year (long story!) and I think it's so good you've made the points you have! I think we get so caught up in doing the hard work we forget to enjoy it! Good luck with your final year lovely :)

  3. Oh hey me!
    Can't agree with 'stay organised' more! x


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