Thursday, 21 August 2014

Evening Dress Envy

All Dresses From Aviva Dress
L-R (TOP) | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |
L-R (BOTTOM) | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

I can't quite believe that I only have a year left of University before I head out in to the big scary world of work! With GCSE results out yesterday, it feels crazy that it has been 4 whole years since I stood anxiously outside my own school with the envelope clutched in my hand. With prom season still in full flow and my mind already on my graduation ball next summer, I'm of course thinking about what I will be wearing. Eager?! Yes. Plus, the fact that I actually need to graduate first. None the less, there aren't many opportunities in life where you get to dress up like a Princess for the evening so I will be taking full advantage of mine! Despite hoping to be several stone lighter by next year, I couldn't help having a sneaky look at some dresses already! After all, there is a lot of thought that goes in to a dress, colour, length, material and I want to get it right. My post A Level prom dress ended up being quite a fail, after I bought a cheap dress from Ebay that certainly looked cheap. This time round, I'm looking for something affordable but great quality.

There seems to be a definite colour theme with dresses I picked above but I was quite spoilt for choice on I'm just really loving white, greys and blues at the moment. I think colours like that are timeless, although Aviva Dress do have so many colours, your bound to find something if mine don't take you fancy. Flicking through the dresses online made me wish I was a famous film star and could wear dresses like this all the time, (getting slightly distracted!) I think for my graduation ball I would want to wear a long prom dress, although the website do offer short prom dresses if that's what your were looking for. I think my favourites from the ones I picked is the second one on the bottom row. It is so effortlessly beautiful that I'm already thinking about snapping it up for next year. Relaxed curls in the hair and a warm smokey eye would go perfectly with this dress. Ok, I'm getting way to ahead of myself. If you are heading to a more relaxed event or just prefer shorter dresses, I really like cocktail dresses at the moment and have been trying to find a reason to buy one. (Ok, I need to get out more!) I wore a cocktail dress from my end of school prom and it was perfect to boogie down on the dance floor wearing (did I really just say that?!)

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  1. Wait, you guys have a graduation BALL? Where does that happen?! I want in. I'll take any excuse to dress up in a beautiful evening gown.

    I really like the color of the cobalt blue and I like the emerald shade as well. As far as actual dress style goes, I do like something classic and sexy. When I was in high school I wore a princess-y type dress for prom and while it was nice, I wouldn't do it again. Too much fluff.

    Vegas Lifestyle Blog

  2. A graduation ball? Nice!! These are all lovely dresses, I think I love the 2nd one on the top row the most :)


  3. These dresses are just devine! Here in Ireland our "prom" is called "The Debs" (Don't ask!) and my Debs is two years away and I'm constantly thinking of what dresses would suit. I love the first two dresses on the top row in particular!

    Catherine x

  4. A graduation ball sounds like so much fun! and the collection of dresses is lovely <3

  5. I'm only going into my second year next month and im already of thinking what im going to wear for graduation! Theyre all stunning I love the white one at the end on the right!
    Chloe x

  6. absolutely envy all these dresses too, love the cobalt one!


  7. What a lovely selection - nice post x



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