Monday, 28 July 2014

Garnier Summer Body Review

As soon as the short skirts and strappy tops come out, I often feel embarrassed of my ghost white skin. Despite going abroad for a week this year, and having the opportunity to lie out in the sun, it's always nice to go away with and slight bit of colour. Not forgetting that the sun is extremely harmful also.

Rather that opting for a fake tanner, I decided to buy a moisturiser with a gradual tanner, and Garnier was my pick of the lot. I had previously tried Dove and while I liked it, I opted for something a little different, and I'm so glad I did. The main thing that I like about it is the shade; it's the perfect balance between orange and brown. I did catch a little sun while I was away and this moisturiser compliments it perfectly. 

It's really moisturising too. The bottle actually states that it has '12 hours of moisturisation' and I completely agree. With weather like this, skin can suffer with dryness but since I started using this, it has kept my skin really soft. Plus, it smells great too, and the scent really last on the skin with out feeling sticky and uncomfortable especially in the heat.

Overall, as you can probably tell I really love this product. For anyone who isn't so keen on fake tanners, this is perfect. It moisturises as the main focus and the tanner just works alongside in order to create the perfect sun kissed look. with the affordable price tag.
 I will most definitely be buying this again.



  1. I love the smell of garnier summer body, but I always think dove is a better all over even colour for me personally.

    S xo

  2. this sounds awesome, especially giving moisture as well! xx

  3. I am a fan of the Dove and Garnier ones in principal I must admit, but I still find they turn me orange! Maybe I'm too pale :(

  4. i think i need this in my life

  5. This sounds great! I love the sound of a moisturiser that gives you a gradual tan as opposed to a tanning product that is moisturising. Think I might give this one a go at some point. :)

    Olivia xxx Beauty from the Fjord

  6. I've been using this moisturiser recently too and love how it's built up a nice tan on my legs! I'm fairly pale anyway and it's rare to find a self-tanner that doesn't make me look completely orange! I just wish it didn't smell so weird haha!

  7. I've been using this 'tan' for the last couple of summers now - it's my favourite! It gives me the best colour and it's so easy!

    The Life & Times of Belle


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