Sunday, 6 July 2014


Birkenstocks are nothing new. Let's be honest, our parents have been wearing them long before us. So why the sudden change of heart when it comes to this traditional footwear? Can we pass them off as vintage inspired rather than just 'old'?
While stood in the middle of Next I had to make a huge admission to myself. Not only did I really like the Birkenstocks that I had being trying on for the past ten minutes, but I was also about to head the to the till to part with £20 for them... How things change! 
Since owning up to the honest truth, I have been wearing them non-stop and I honestly can't get enough. Perfect for summer and most likely the comfiest shoes I will ever own, Birkenstocks have gone from my worst enemy to my best friend. The kind of friend that compliments any outfit, makes you feel comfortable no matter what and will eventually persuade you round to their way of thinking... It's only a matter of time before they get you too!



  1. Sometimes even the prettiest shoes can make an outfit ugly if you feel uncomfortable and simple,comfy footwear like this can complement many outfits and make them great:)!

  2. I love these shoes but my feet are too narrow to keep them on. Sad times.

  3. I've had my trusty pair of birkenstocks for a about four years now, they're still looking like new! I've worn them quite a lot because I have flat feet and so the shape supports them but recently when I go to put them on I take them straight back off again because I just don't like them anymore.. how ironic now that everyone has started to love them! haha x


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