Sunday, 15 June 2014

My Summer Essentials

Coral/Peach Lipstick- I absolutely love wearing lip balms and lipsticks but especially during summer. Peach colour lipsticks are perfect for a relaxed look during summer and compliment any outfit.

Tinted Moisturiser- Great to put on and go this time of the year, the Witch tinted moisturiser is my best friend! Because I often have breakouts I use it all year round. The coverage is great and adds a beautiful glow, perfect for summer!

Books- I love reading books all year round, but there is something so perfect about grabbing a book and going and sitting out in the sun, getting lost in the stories. I have a whole stack of books to get through this summer and I can't wait to get started.

Camera- If you are a bit of a photography nerd like me, then you will most likely always have your camera with you. I especially love the lighting during summer as it can really make for beautiful photos. If you are looking to get into photography, try going out in dusk or dawn, you will be stunned by the results you get.

Sunglasses- A complete necessity in more ways than one. Not only are sunglasses a great fashion accessory, they are of course incredibly important at protecting your eyes and skin from harmful sun rays. Like sun cream, (which I think is a pretty obvious essential so therefore not included) sunglasses are hugely important. The ones above are my ray bans, which I absolutely love and have been wearing for the past 4 years!

Moisturiser-It's so important to keep the skin smooth and healthy all year round, but particularly during summer when you are flaunting the flesh so to speak! I have fallen in love with the Garnier moisturiser with a gradual tanner. Not only is it making my skin silky smooth but the hint of tan is helping to discourage to the milk bottle colour I would have been otherwise sporting on my first day around the pool!

What are your summer essentials?

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