Saturday, 17 May 2014

I'M BACK and A Summer of Reading

A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.

William Styron

For me, reading has been something that I have always done. It’s a way of escaping into another world or imagining what your life would be like if these characters you love and loathe were real, and for a while you actually believe they are.

So with summer in full flow there is nothing better than grabbing a book and lazing out in the sun getting lost in the stories within. With an abundance of books I do find it quite daunting knowing which to pick up first, and considering that I buy most of my books from charity shops where they have them for a little as a 50p it is hard to know when to stop. Hence why my last shopping visit ended in me buying 17 books that I am slowly making my way through... opps!

I have just started reading Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights and although it's a little bit of an unusual choice from me, I am really enjoying it and it's quite refreshing to pick something up a little different to what I would normally read. I'm planning on reading quite a bit over the next few months and hopefully discovering some new authors, so if there are any authors that you absolutely love please let me know, I might as well add some more books to my ever-growing book collection!

I am going to be tweeting out quite about books I am reading so look out for #SummerReading on twitter if you want to get involved. Plus, if you use Goodreads, let me know you usernames, I would love to add you all.


On an extremely important side note: I'm sure quite a few of my long-term followers or subscribers will be wonder where I have been. Well, in truth I decided to take a break. All of my social networking pages were starting to become something that I wasn’t happy with, where I was posting content just to post it. Instead of carrying on in this way, I decided to take a break and sort out exactly where I wanted this to go. It was a quite a long time away and for my blog, the longest I have ever stayed away. Moving forward, I am now back across all platforms and bursting with ideas I just can't wait to share. Please stick with me over the next few months, I truly would love to hear your thoughts and really interact with everyone. 
Thanks. Faye xxx


  1. i agree with you. reading is an inexplicable feeling which I love to bits because it takes me to different worlds. :)
    i am currently reading The Fault in our Stars. Actually, I have started this a few months ago but school took much of my time. but now that it's summer, i finally have time to finish it. :))) have fun reading! keep in touch :D

    xoxo, rae

  2. I love your blog - just followed! ♥
    Would love if you checked out mine sometime too so we can stay in touch!


  3. I am such a bookworm - now that I've finished uni I've literally been devouring books ridiculously fast! Yet there still seems to be tons in my 'to read' pile :P I've never read Wuthering Heights but I do try to read at least one classic every year :)

    P.S. I'm glad that you're back to blogging - I've missed reading your posts!

    The Life & Times of Belle

  4. I totally agree with you! It's been quite a long time since I don't read a book for pleasure though, and I miss it. Because of uni work basically... I hope to catch up with my list this summer! (:

    My name on Goodreads is Sofia (the photo is a girl on a swing). It's not update though.

    Thanks for passing by my blog and commenting.
    I'm following you! (:

  5. I don't read anywhere near as much as I used to but I'm trying to get back into it! Wuthering Heights is a great choice, it's a wonderful book...although why people crush on Heathcliff I do not know! x

    Josie’s Journal

  6. reading this post really made me realise i need to go back to reading too, its been ages!! lovely blog by the way :D

    Thank you for visiting my blog hun, would you like a follow on your blog and instagram and twitter? let me know! xx

  7. I love reading too! Such a nice text... xx

  8. lovely post doll. would you like to follow each other ? xo


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