Monday, 3 February 2014


London for me, is 'the place'. What I mean by that of course, is where I have always wanted to live, even if it is just for a few months. Although I know I am living in dream land and only a lucky few make it there, it has always been a dream of mind to move to the capital. 

That being said, when the talk of a day trip with my friends came about I was more than excited to visit. As part of my University assignment, we had to visit an exhibition at the Fashion and Textile museum, which I would completely recommend by the way. Once we had been round the museum we decided to be proper tourists for the day and visit the local landmarks. I've been to pretty much everywhere we went to before but it was so great see the sights once again and appreciate the things that are classically british.



  1. I love London! I can't see myself living there because I'm such a country bumpkin (I seriously partially chose my uni campus bases on how much greenery there was!) but I love visiting the city for weekends :)

  2. Hi there, from the second picture from the top - the one with the Tyler Gate sign, where about was that? I live in London (well south of the border anyway) so for me it doesn't interest me anymore but yeah it quintessentially a british city! I did recently went up to the top of the Shard for my husband birthday - that was fun!

  3. love this post, makes me miss London even more.
    I love the city and also want to live there someday, the energy is just amazing and there's so much to see and experience <3


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