Friday, 7 February 2014

Ebay Coat Wishlist

With the winter season fully setting in, it has become apparent to me why this time of the year a coat is essential, especially considering I don't actually own one. Assuming that my leather jacket would be enough to keep me warm, I highly underestimated how cold it gets during winter, stupid, I know. I have been having a browse through Ebay hoping to find that perfect coat and came across not one, but four coats that in my opinion are essential. However, knowing that I can't have all three (if only) I have decided to opt for just one, just imagine my despair.
The only problem is, which one?


  1. I have the green parka. I struggled to find a coat i liked for months and settled for that one just for something to wear until I came across one I loved. I must admit, my expectations weren't that high but I absolutely love it! It's really warm and the lining is so soft. I'd definitely recommend it.


  2. I just love the 1st coat it looks super warm, thick and cosy perfect for snow/rainy weather x
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