Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Birthday Haul

My Birthday was a little different this year, rather than spending it at home, I was 200 miles away in Southampton with my university family. Although I thought the day was going to be quite different than usual, I still had a lovely time. I was truly spoilt by friends and family alike, and without sounding completely cheesy, I really did feel loved, which in my opinion, is all you can really ask for. I went home a few days before and had a mini birthday with my family, where I was again, spoilt!

Along with some really beautiful little bits I also received a 50mm Canon camera lens from my mum that I have been wanting for so long. I am actually using it to take the photos in these posts  and I really love it. It can't be best seen in these images, but it allows the background to become blurry while the foreground stays in clear focus. I will be using it a lot on my blog and trying out different techniques with this lens, so stay tuned!

From my brother I received these lovely pair of Nike trainers that I had mentioned, but never expected him to buy me. I think the light blue is perfect to wear in summer which is ideally what the shoes were for. That being said, I have been wearing them non-stop since I got them and literally couldn't be more in love with how they look.

My beautiful University friends bought me some lovely gifts too. Two of my friends bought me a photo album and some photos to feel it with. It will be perfect to fill with University memories.  Another friend also bought me Buddha. Now, I am not particularly religious but enjoy learning about different religions, particularly Buddhism and had expressed my interest in a Buddha before. I was so happy that she has bought me one and I hope this doesn't sound inappropriate, but how cute is his smile!

Overall, I had a brilliant day and regardless of presents, it was so lovely to be surrounded by my friends and family, what more could I ask for!



  1. Forever jealous of your trainers!
    Glad you had a good day, love you! xx

  2. Those trainer are perfect! Hope you had a lovely birthday :) ox

  3. Great haul, love the nike trainers!


  4. Love your baby blue blazers, such a nice colour! x



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