Friday, 17 January 2014

January Wishlist

Although I feel like Chirstmas was only last week, my Birthday is coming up in less than a month and I am already being asked by family what I would like to receive on the special day. I spent quite a lot of time looking to find any must have... and trust me, it wasn't that hard to come across some beauties!

Nike Blazer- I have wanted  pair of these for such a long time but can never bring myself to fork out the £70 for them, knowing full well I have enough trainers in my wardrobe. I am however, becoming more tempted as I think they are absolutely stunning and perfect for everyday. I have picked them out in the colour baby blue although after having a peek around their website, I think they look lovely in virtually every colour available. The blue however would be perfect for high waisted shorts in summer, as well as jeans and leggings. Versatile and practical, sounds like a necessity!
Neon Trees Albums- I talked about my love for this band in my Music Monday post last week. I am completely obsessed with them at the moment and have had their album on repeat on Youtube. That being said I would really like to buy the albums so I have my own copies.
Indian Inspired Wall Hanging- I have been thinking about getting a wall hanging like this for a while. For the past few months, I have really began to be inspired by Indian decor and art. So when I found this on Ebay for only £20, I knew that the colours would go perfectly in my University bedroom and was exactly what I was looking for.
Canon 50mm Lens- Since finding this a few days ago, I can't stop looking at it. A lens like this will allow the subject in the foreground to stay in focus while the background becomes out of focus, similar to the human eye. Not only would this achieve the perfect style of photographs I want for my for my blog but would also allow me to experiment with photography in general, something I am really hoping to do this year.
Water Colour World Map- I have been trying to find art work to hang up in both my University room, and my room at home for the past few months. I've had quite a bit of trouble finding exactly what I want, because, well I didn't really know what I wanted. I 'm not 100% in love with the painting but I love the use of water colours and the fact that it is a world map, which to me represents travel.
New Look Green Jumper- Most likely the simplest item from my wish list is the green jumper, but of course this doesn't mean it's any less important. Jumpers are essential and especially this time of year. New Look offer this one in a range of colours but green was my favourite. Teamed with a pair of leggings, some trainers and a woolly hat and you can't go wrong.

Is there anything on your wish list that you're hoping for?


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  1. As a photography fanatic myself i also recommend the canon 50mm lens - it's one of the most popular lenses adopted by people who are new to dslr photography too! the photos captured with that lens indeed look amazing <3

    Check out my latest post featuring &OtherStories :)
    AL xx
    RASSP blog


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