Friday, 31 January 2014

Illamasqua SALE- Foundations £5

Cream Foundation £23- £5
Lipstick (Magnetism) £16.50- £5

Although desperately trying to save as much money as I can at the moment, when I saw that Illamaqua had a sale on, I couldn't resist picking up a few things when I saw the incredible offers. Despite the vast selection, I decided to opt for two products I knew I would use regularly. Trying a new foundation has been on my wish list for the past few months. Although I love using my tinted moisturiser everyday, I was looking for an alternative in case my skin was particularly bad or to reduce shine. I assume that because the sale has been so popular, the foundation shades available were quite limiting. I did however decide to opt for the shade CF 150, as this seemed closest to my skin tone. Since arriving, I have only used it a couple of times but can already tell that it is pretty much the perfect shade for my skin, and pretty much, exactly what I was looking for in a foundation... yippee!

As for the lipstick, this is not usually a shade that I would go for as it is a little bit too dark for me. However, taking the plunge and trying to opt for something a little different, I decided to pick up this lipstick in the shade Magnetism. It is a warm berry shade which I think is perfect for this time of year, and although, I am yet to build up the courage to wear it completely, I have been putting a small amount onto my lips just to give them a bit of colour, and I have to admit that I really love it already!

Unfortunately, it appears that the sale is no longer on. However, given that they have free delivery and a whole host of products that I would never have considered buying before, I have well and truly got the Illamasqua bug... I'm secretly hoping that there isn't a cure! 



  1. I've been wanting to try some Illamasqua foundation for a while now - I heard a lot about how wide there shade range is and I'm ghostly pale so it sounds perfect for me!

    Belle //

  2. Good grief I'm so annoyed I missed this! Bargain-ous items you picked up :)

    Jenn | UK Beauty Blog



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