Friday, 10 January 2014

Feel Blessed

It's rarely in life they I utter the words "blessed" Not being religious, I often feel that the words don't relate to me or I don't have the right to feel blessed if it has not come from a higher being. It has only been in recent weeks that I have started to believe that I am well and truly blessed, no matter where this blessing came from I should celebrate and enjoy the amazing positives in my life. It is often too easy to compare yourself to others and look at what they have, look like or act. Believe me, being on a university course full of gorgeous girls and living with 4 of my closest friends can often lead to comparisons taking over. Its only when you step back and look at the whole picture focusing on your own life and what you have to be thankful for that you really start to realise what you have.

 I guess it maybe Christmas that has go me all sentimental but I feel like my eyes have been opened and I am finally starting to realise how lucky we all are. It's easy to get cause up in the drama of everyday life but taking a break like Christmas makes you realise what you have and what is worth keeping. It also makes me question, why did i deserve this? Why do I deserve this life more than someone who is struggling or perhaps living a nightmare? There is no real answer. all we can do is accept the power we have been given and put it to good use, and yes, it is ok to feel blessed about certain aspects of our lives because we truly are.


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