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Fresh Starts and New Beginnings...

Every year I set myself some targets for the year rather than resolutions. That way even if it takes me till November to achieve I know that I have all year to aim for. I sometimes find that resolutions can mean that one day you're trying to act like a completely different person to the day before and this can often lead to unrealistic goals.

For the past 2 years, on this very day,  I have made a blog post about my aims for the year, which you can check out here, I really can't believe this is my third time doing a post like this! Below are the targets I set myself for the year 2013 and whether I achieved them or not.

Lose 2 stone
(Yes, that final 2 stone)
Ok, so I will be completely honest with this one, I ended up putting on a stone! Yes, I know, how completely opposite this is and was extremely disappointing considering I had lost 3 stone the year before. However, having spent much of the year on and off diets, yo-yo-ing between weights I'm finally ready to give my full attention and lose the weight I have been going on about!

Create a schedule of when I'm going to Blog or do Uni work

I definitely made massive improvements with my scheduling this year. As previously being someone who would leave things to the very last minute or be generally lazy, I am a lot better than I use to be. You may have noticed that haven't blogged much over the past month and this is something that I really need to work on. I tend to pour all of my time into one area, usually either Uni or blogging. I know that finding the correct balance will help me so much!

Start making You Tube videos

Yay! This is something that i can truthfully say I finally did. Although it has had to take a back seat recently. After New year I am determined to start it up again as it is something that I enjoy so much that I can't wait to start uploading again!

Stop being so God Damn shy!

This is most likely my proudest achievement of the year! Of course I am still extremely shy by any ones means, but if you could see me last year you would notice a complete transformation. I'm so much happier now and while I still feel a little panicky when meeting a lot of people for the first time, I am so much better than I use to be, and that is solely down to pushing myself out of my comfort zone!

Stop worrying so much what other people think of me

Deep down, I think everyone worries what people think of them. I know I certainly do, and although I have got a lot better and I think I need to accept the way I am and people can just deal with it!

Visit a foreign country

Now this hasn't been a main focus on my blog, but in June I visited America with one of my best friends for 3 weeks. We travelled around the west coast and had an absolutely amazing time and met some wonderful people. I am certain that it is something that I will never forget for the rest of my life and I really hope I never do! It has definitely made me a lot more excited for travelling more.

Photograph the special moments

I have definitely been taking a lot more photos this year and trying to capture as many memories as possible. I certainly hope to take a lot more next year too!

Take a road trip with friends

unfortunately this didn't happen this year due to being busy but we are all saving our money this year so hopefully next summer, a road trip or spa day will be on the cards!

Work hard with University work

For the first half of the year I worked solidly at completing my first year of university and was pretty proud of the result I received at the end of the year. Since September I have at times found it difficult to continue working as hard knowing that I am not enjoying the course as much as last year, it can often be hard to find the determination to continue. That being said I am looking forward to what the course has to offer this term.

Smile and be grateful for what I have

I actually wrote a post yesterday that I am yet to upload talking about how grateful I have come to be recently and now realise how proud I should be of what I have the people around me. We often get too obsessed on what we don't have rather than what we do have. 

So now, it finally does to my goals for 2014...

Spend more time with family and friends

Organise my time efficiently to make the most out of it

Make new friends and spend time getting to know people better

Lose weight (3st)

Travel abroad

Continue to upload regularly on my blog and youtube

Appreciate all the things that I am lucky to have

Accept the way I am

The past 2 years i have come up with 10 targets to stick to. however, this year i decided that rather than racking my brain to try and get my targets up to 10, I would just concentrate on these 8 that I really feel passionate about sticking to.
I truly hope everyone has a brilliant new year and all your dreams for 2014 come true!


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  1. if you have any tips on how to stop being so shy, feel free to let me know haha :) xx


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