Thursday, 3 October 2013

Winter Wishlist

Tonight I am heading to a student lock-in at my local shopping centre. I think they run these up and down the country especially for students. It basically means that the shopping centre stays open for longer especially for students and the majority of the shops have discounts and deals available. It can be the worst trap for all students who have just received their loan however I'm quite good (if I do say myself) at making sure my loan last. That being said, I can't wait to hit the shops and start filling my winter wardrobe.
As the shops are usually hectic, I decided to have a quick browse online to see what some of the shops had available in order to get round as many shops as I can... sad I know! But none the less I came across some really beautiful pieces. The clothes above are either from River Island or New Look and I think all of them are beautiful, especially the fox slippers! As you can see I really love tartan this season and although I already own a tartan skirt and really want to add to my collection as much as possible. Although summer is my favourite season I love the autumn style and can't wait to start filling my draws with chunky knits and warms colours.
What are your winter musthaves?


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