Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Ebay Wish List

Whenever I'm tralling the internet I always seem to end up on Ebay looking through the never ending pages of amazing products and baragins they have to offer. My favourite would have to be the black heeled shoes. They look perfect for any winter outfit and aren't too high so could be worn during the day. I really want to buy them and hope I have the courage to where such striking boots. Although the grey dress I picked is really simple I think it would be perfect for teaming with a beautiful piece of jewellery and leather jacket. Also, i guess this is slightly cheating but i have ordered the gameboy phone case already. I just couldn't help myself, it's too cute.


  1. Oh my days those boots are to die for!! Love that you bought the case hah! xx

  2. I had a gameboy case on my old phone and absolutely loved it! I love that dress too :)

  3. i want those boots too theyre hott xx


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