Friday, 27 September 2013

Portobello Market

Portobello Market has become a staple part of Notting Hill as well London over the past 20 years. Having heard its great representation I couldn't wait to check it out on my most recent visit to London. Streets lined with small market stalls and boutique shops were what I had in mind and I certainly wasn't disappointed. It's authenticity to my imagination is what really engaged me and made me fall completely in love with the area.

Just a short walk from Notting Hill Gate tube station, it's central location only adds to the parallel world that Notting Hill is in relation to the built up city. There were a range of items on the stalls from vintage cameras to fruit and veg, there really was something for everyone.

I wasn't really going with the hope of buying anything but stumbled across this beautiful dish that was made in Stafford. Its perfect to fill up my everyday rings with. I coincidentally found this really cute stall selling a large selection of rings, I've been on the hunt for an infinity ring for quite a while, so couldn't resit picking one up for the bargain price of £5. There are a vast range in prices at each stall so would recommend looking at a few before committing to buy one particular item.
Although there is a huge amount of variety there is a large focus on vintage pieces, whether that be clothing or bric-a-brac. I am a huge lover of anything that has history or its own story and there was so much traditional pieces to take a look at. One of my favourite stalls was filled with vintage or second hand shoes and jackets. Levis jackets and Doc Martins in various colours filled the rails and floor, I swear I was in heaven!
I think the main thing that I loved about Portobello was the overall atmosphere. Its something that you don't experience down the local high street or shopping centre. Every stall had a different selection and you never knew what you where going to find or what treasure you where going to uncover


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  1. Omg!! I really like your post!
    This Market looks amazing through your photos.
    You should had enjoyed your time there!


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