Saturday, 14 September 2013

Centre Parcs Nottingham



Today I returned home from a great 5 days in Nottingham. Having not had much chance to spend with my family this summer, my mum decided to book a mid-week trip to Center Parcs in Sherwood Forest knowing full well that the three of us would fully enjoying it. I've been to Center Parcs 3 times before all of which was in Cumbria twice with my Dad over 3 years ago and once when I was about 8 and it was simply called Oasis. For anyone who hasn't heard of Center Parcs it is a wooded area full of lodges, cabins and tree houses (although the price for those is slightly out of my league). They have a huge amount of activities on offer from fitness classes and sport events to pottery making and bowling. For me it is the perfect mix and there is something for everyone, perfect for my family of oddbods.

Knowing what we had in store I couldn't wait to arrive and explore what there was to offer. We were staying in one of the new lodges and I couldn’t believe quite how nice they were, the perfect size for my little family. There were so many activities on offer it was difficult to pick; we ended up playing badminton, table tennis, full size snooker (at my brother’s request) and bowling. Me and my Mum also opted for Aqua Zumba, something I personally had never heard of and was quite interested in trying. I would highly recommend it as you can completely embrace every part of the class without feeling that you are making a fool of yourself in front of everyone else. Of course, there is a whole tropical area complete with pool, Jacuzzi and rides, that is completely free so for me a real winner, I mean, who doesn't love a wave machine?!

Unfortunately my brother became sick near the end of the holiday so we couldn’t do all of the activities that we had planned but we all had a great time. It’s such a magical place and there was constantly wildlife sat outside the patio door. I think that most surprising was a massive swan that seriously scared me out of my skin. Along with that were squirrels, rabbits and various species of birds. It was beautiful to see something so natural right outside you door. Although I have been to Center Parcs before, I really felt I appreciated it on a different level this time as an adult. I really can't wait to go back and was hoping Christmas would be an option, however have a butcher (turkey galore) and a coffee shop manager (turkey dinner galore) for family members makes the timing extremely limited. Plus of course the clear price increase. Boo! I do however, hope to go back very soon and look forward to perhaps taking my friends there at some point. Going to Center Parcs has really revived my love for the most natural things in life.



  1. Ahh such beautiful photos and the place looks so wonderful! I am glad you had a lovely time even though your brother got sick! :)

    Andrea | RosyChicc

  2. It looks like such a beautiful place to stay and I'm glad you had a wonderful holiday. Sorry to hear that your brother got ill towards the end. :(


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