Friday, 30 August 2013

10 Year Old Film Photographs

There is something so nostalgic about looking through old photographs and reliving memories. My Mum has been meaning to develop 29 camera films for so long. The films were abandoned in the age of the digital revolution and have laid forgotten at the back of a cupboard for nearly 10 years. Yesterday we finally got all the films developed and had the opportunity to rummage through all the photographs and look back on our younger selves. Luckily there was nothing to shocking but it help to relive my childhood and remind me of things that I had completely forgot about, old friends, old clothes and my sense of naivety
Getting the films developed has definitely re-established my love for film cameras. I took a film camera with me to America as I love the effects they give. I'm yet to get the film developed but I can't wait to see the outcome as I think the anticipation is definitely part of it. I'm really going to make an effort to take more photos both on film and digital as I truly believe a photo can hold a thousand memories.

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