Monday, 29 July 2013

Travel Essentials

With the holiday season very much underway, travel essentials are a key part when it comes to packing. I'm always one of those people who seems to forget something that seems to prove invaluable.

A toothbrush is of course a pretty big essential, (hence why it is top of the list!) the travel folding ones are great if you are moving to different places. While I was in America we were staying in a different hotel virtually every night so it was great for not having to worry about a soggy toothbrush in my toiletries bag. They're great for if you are on the move anyway, these are my go to items for a weekend away.

Sun tan lotion preferably SPF 15 or above is of course fundamental even if your staying in the UK. Wearing sun tan lotion is really important and I know a lot of people, specifically my age assume they are immune to the effects sun damage can have to your skin. Plus it smells super nice and gives you that holiday feel, just me?!

Something I relied on for practically my whole trip to Wales were hayfever tablets. The pollen count has been extremely high this year and unless you enjoy spending you holiday sneezing and rubbing your eyes. Hayfever tablets are the perfect solution. Try to opt for the non-drowsy tablets otherwise you may be nodding off into your sangria before the day is though!

I would always recommend a mini first aid kit. They are incredibly inexpensive and include pretty much anything you are going to need and the majority of the time they are pretty small so can just be packed into the corner of your case and hopefully you won't need it.

If you are heading abroad plug adaptors are incredibly important. You might be planning on using your phone much when you are away but they are invaluable for charging iPods or Plugging in your straighteners. They are relatively cheap and I picked up mine from Poundland.
For me a holiday should be full of photos to saviour the memories of the great time that you had. I always take a few SD cards so I don't have to worry about running out of memory. I'm slightly camera crazy and own about 5 different types of cameras but always insist on taking a disposable camera away with me as I love the effect film camera gives to a photo.
These are 6 of the main things I take with me when I'm heading away. Of course there are a lot more you might want to take such as your cossie or emergency numbers but these are a few people tend to forget. What are you travel essentials?


  1. I can't do without my SPF either! I've got pale skin and I wear it everyday, even in winter!haha

    This is such a useful and informative post to read!

    Jess- x x

  2. This is a wonderful post! I think you covered the main essentials I'd take too :) xx

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