Monday, 22 July 2013

Music Monday: Imagine Dragons

For a couple of months now I have been listening to Imagine Dragons. I initially found them on Spotify and immediately fell in love with their oriental influenced sound. Its so refreshing to listen to a band and enjoy every single song. Every time I hear their debut album, Night Visions my favourite song changes and I can never decide which one I prefer most.
The band themselves are from Las Vegas, Nevada and have been together since 2007. They are starting to appear on the radio and TV more frequently and I'm pretty sure they are going to make a huge impact on the music industry in the next year. They are currently in the midst of a world tour and coming to the UK very soon. As soon as I find someone who enjoys their music too and will be dragging them to their gig. Nothing gets better than hearing music live!


  1. I've been obsessing over their songs for a month now, they're amazing and their music is really good :) I've watched a few videos of them performing live and they're just as good, which is rare :)


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