Sunday, 16 June 2013

Primark French Nails | REVIEW

Although I'm never seen without wearing nail polish, I very rarely wear false nails and this is mainly due to the fact that I can't bear it when they come off ALL the time. It makes doing the most basic tasks very difficult at times. I do however think that they can look really nice and add an edge of elegance. As I don't always agree with false nails I decided to cut my loses and trial a cheap pair to see how I felt about them. These nails were a £1 so to be honest even if they were terrible I didn't really have the right to complain.

what I really liked about these nails is the surprisingly good quality they were all really neat and smart looking with only a small mark on one the nails. There were 20 nails in the set meaning that they were practically 50p per set which is exceptionally good value. I also found that once they were attached they were really comfortable and couldn't really feel that I was wearing them at all. I must talk about the glue and say that it was surprisingly really good. I find that quite often the nails are fine but the glue is useless how I think this glue works really well.

In terms of problems I don't think that there were too many, however, the nails were I guess, 'average' size but for me some where slightly to big meaning around 4 were practically useless. The nails did come off a few times and I did have the difficulties as usual but I felt as a whole they worked really well.

I would like to see primarks come out with different varieties or lengths as they only produce the simple french or the 'cheesy' prints. that being said I would definitely purchase these again.



  1. These look really good, much better than I"d expect Primark nails to be! xx

    Visit The Other Side Of Cool

  2. Hey you!
    How're you doing?
    I can't believe these were only one pound- that is crazy. They look really pretty too. I think they have some ladybird ones which, while cheesy, I can't help myself from wanting! Plus, they'd be inkeeping with my blog so I suppose it's acceptable.. probably not haha.
    Anywayyyy, I hope you're ok and speak soon :)
    Laura xx

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