Monday, 24 June 2013

Bra Fitting

We have heard it all before, but it is really important that the correct bra size is worn otherwise it can lead to scarring if the bra is too tight, bad posture, shapeless form and inadequate support, which won't be a pretty sight.
I have wanted to get my bra fitted for sometime but never really plucked up the courage and was always putting out that once I had lost weight I would go. I knew I was wearing the incorrect bra size for sometime. Although I'd lost only a stone and I hadn't lost all the weight I wanted to at the time but I a couple of months ago I decided that I couldn't stand how uncomfortable my bra was. Me and the mother booked an appointment for Marks and Spencers, practically any of their stores will do bra fittings. The women was extremely helpful and I was only required to take my t-shirt off and she could tell almost immediately what size I needed to be wearing. It was very quick and although I did feel self conscious I was really glad that I had my fitting.

Overall, I think that it was worth it considering that it was free, (and no pressure to buy a bra from their store) and my size went from a B to a DD which is quite surprising. I knew I was wearing a size to small but was very shocked when she said that and now I have my new bra, I'm can't believe I went this long without getting fitted.

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  1. love these. recently i have a major obsession with lace and see-through bras, they are so delicate and sensual <3

    Check out my new grungy outfit post featuring a new label in Australia! :)


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