Friday, 10 May 2013

Squidgy Moments Interview

Apologies for not posting this week, it been busy with bank holidays and deadlines galore! This weeks interview is with Kathleen. Kathleen's blog is so nice and really recommend you check it out. She has recently posted about meeting the very lovely, Olly Murs... anyone else incredibly jealous?!
        What is the name of your blog? 
My blog is called Squidgy Moments. Squidgy Moments is a lifestyle blog that features posts on fashion, photography, beauty, travel and so much more. It's a girly space with a light, fun humor to it. It's my happy place :) 

Tell us a 5 interesting facts about yourself:
1. I moved from Ireland to Toronto Canada this year, it's been so exciting going outside of my comfort zone and living the other side of the world!
2. Justin Bieber and Paolo Nutini follow me on Twitter! (@squidgemundo)
3. I met Whitney Port from The Hills/The City OR I've held/touched a t-shirt worn by Channing Tatum in 21 Jump Street (yep it's true!) 
4. I have a small obsession with airplanes so I tend to travel 4-5 times a year
5. I come up with some of my best blogging ideas when I'm asleep 

What made you want to start a blog?
I wanted to start blogging so that I could channel my creative energy into something exciting.I love to write and I'm also a talker so this was another outlet for me to be creative and chatty in my life. I started my blog for me and I was so excited when people responded to it. Here I am now, two years later with a really strong following. Taking the leap and starting my blog was one of the best decisions I've ever made! 

Describe your blog in one sentence?
My blog is a happy, girly, fun, quirky, special place where I like to hang out. :) 

What blogs/bloggers do you most admire?
Oooh there are so many! Ok who to choose - I really like Le Powder Room because I think her posts are so relate-able and enjoyable to read. Peonies and Lilies is another favorite of mine, her beauty posts are so detailed. Overall though I read A LOT of blogs. I love lifestyle posts, review and haul posts and outfits of the day posts. 
What is your favorite thing about the blogging community?
I think it's pretty amazing to think that there is this huge network of us bloggers all over the world and we chat and offer each other advise and support and guidance on a daily basis. It's pretty incredible if you think about it. The sense of community itself is what I like the most. It's an amazing feeling! 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Wow in 5 years I'll be almost 30!! Jeepers!  hope to be married and settled in a Marketing Manager role. I want to be healthy and fit in my life and of course I want my blog to have grown into something amazing. I have huge expansion plans for it for this year, so by 5 years time... Who knows, maybe it will have formed into a business!x
You can find Kathleen at 

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