Sunday, 5 May 2013

L is for Ladybird Interview

I'm so happy to post this interview with Laura today. Her blog is simply amazing and she seems like such a nice person. I've left her link below so be sure to check it out.
What is the name of your blog?
My blog is called "L is for Ladybird"

Tell us a 5 interesting facts about yourself?
This is going to be tricky, I'm a bit useless at these kind of questions. Ok so;
1. I'm a Law student. People are often surprised when I tell them this. Perhaps I don't have the Lawyer 'look' about me. 
2. I'm struggling already. I guess one I always throw out there is that I'm a vegetarian. I have been sonce I was thirteen, so that's quite a long time now.
3. During my holidays from uni, I work with disabled children. A lot of people are also shocked when I tell them this but it's something that I love doing. It's so rewarding.
4. My favourite 'drugstore' brands are Revlon and Bourjois.
5. I rarely ever have my hair down- it's always in a 'pineapple' on top of my head. 

What made you want to start a blog?
Well, I was just having a nosey at various blogs one night while my boyfriend was over. He asked me what a 'blog' was. I told him. He suggested I start one and here we are, seven months down the line.

Describe your blog in one sentence?
My blog is pretty eclectic and is cluttered with beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts.

What blogs/bloggers do you most admire?
Ooh, ok. This is hard without offending anyone. Obviously, as I think is the case with anyone, I noticed the 'big' bloggers first, after watching a few of the on Youtube. I probably wouldn't know that the blogging world existed without them, but now, after being around for a few months, chatting to other bloggers and seeing there work I have a handfull of blogs that I love, check every single day without fail and take a whole bunch of inspiration from. So, in no particular order; Jane of Poptartsandsexx. She is honestly the most lovely girl. Not only do I read her blog, I chat to her all the time too. Before talking to her, I could tell I'd like her, her personality just oozes from her blog. Oh no, how creepy is the word 'ooze'?! Now I feel all weird. Anyway, yes, she posts all about beauty, fashion and lifestyle too and I cannot waffle on enough about how great she is a a person, and as a blogger. Ok, next up would be Maddie of Maddie Elizabeth. Maddie's blog is packed full of fashion. I love personal style blogs but Maddie's is by far my favourite and most viewed in this category. I'm envious of her style and the things this girl can pull off. One day, I'm going to convince/drag her shopping with me and let her pick me out a whole new wardbobe. Honestly. Oh and she's also super lovely. Ok, I'll just give you one more before I exhaust this post; Chelsea of Through Chelsea's Eyes. Ok, so Chelsea is another blogger who has a lovely mix of fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts over on her blog. Chelsea's blog was actually one of the first I found and followed after I started blogging. I remember it was her really girly layout and really boucy, energetic feeling posts that drew me in but since then, I've been watching her blog like a hawk. Creepy! I am of course joking, but really, I'm always excited for the next post with Chelsea. She's so down to Earth and her posts can really make or break a product for me. I also love the fact she makes the occasional video on the side- Her accent is the cutest thing I think I've ever heard. She's just very different from a lot of bloggers in her sort of category..? I want to use  a different word but can't think of the right one. But yes, the bloggers who started around the same time, have a similar amount of readership and so on. I've written a life story- Oops.

What is your favourite thing about the blogging community?
How lovely everyone is. It's such a postive environment. I've actually been absent in terms of any online presence (Facebook, etc.) other than blogging for some time now primarily due to the negativity that surrounds it but the blogging community is totally different. All the girls I chat to are really supportive- people genuinely want to help you by sharing their reviews and the like. It's just such a morale booster.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully I'll be working in a solicitors still running my blog alongside it but above all, I hope to be happy and well. Bring on the cheese.
If you would like to hear more from Laura (which you should!) check out her blog here

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